Trump Campaign Foreign Policy Advisor Pleads Guilty to Lying About Russia Contacts

WASHINGTON — A former Trump campaign foreign policy aide who tried to set up a meeting between the presidential candidate and the Russian government pleaded guilty to lying to federal agents about the nature and timing of his contacts.

Federal officials asked that the case remain sealed until today because “premature disclosure” would “significantly undermine his ability to serve as a proactive cooperator” in the overall Russia campaign-influence investigation.

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  • Lightstream

    Time for a pause.

    • There is a lot coming out about this guy, he seems very sketchy.

  • andycanuck

    Ignore the Podestas behind the curtain!

  • Sounds like a mere technicality at this point — they didn’t charge Popodopolous with trying to set up Trump-Russia meetings, they didn’t even charge him with trying to “dig up dirt on Hillary” with help from the Russians (neither of which are apparently illegal?). He was simply charged for “lying to the FBI” about precisely when he met with the Russians, which occurred immediately after he was offered a job with the Trump campaign, but before the campaign was actually publicly launched. Or something along that line.

    I dunno, lessons learned seem to be that if you can’t recall with perfect precision, and you don’t have a precise definition from the FBI when they use words like “campaign”, then it’s better not to answer the FBI at all. It’s better to say “I can’t recall with precise accuracy” (which is the truth), or to at least demand that the FBI precisely define what they mean by “campaign” in terms of the precise date they are looking for.

    Otherwise you could end up in jail. But if you pay millions of dollars to the Russians for dirt on Trump and produce a fake dossier, take millions in bribes from the Russians and launder it through a fake charitable Clinton endeavor, and sell-out 30% of U.S. uranium reserves to them, and consistently refuse to talk to the FBI or answer to the American people about any of it; Then you’re good to go!

    • Jaedo Drax

      “Oh your from the FBI and want to ask me questions? Okay, I invoke my right to remain silent” and then you keep your mouth shut.

      • Sad but true. The thing that irks me is these individuals came forward voluntarily to testify, and they are being punished on a technicality rather than an actual crime. Whereas the Clinton people won’t even testify when they are subpoenaed — and they get away with it!

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    “A Grand Jury could indict a ham sandwich.”

    • I thought that was only in places where Sharia law rules such as in Saudi Arabia, or Canada…