Russia Reset: Where Does the Russia Investigation Stand After Today’s News of Indictments and a Guilty Plea?

“…Significantly, Papadopolous is now a cooperating witness, which raises the crucial question of how significant his role was within Trumpworld, and what sort of evidence he may be able to offer Mueller.  In essence, who was this guy? A low-level player with little juice, desperate to make a splash (it’s reading that way to some impartial observers)?

Or a quasi-sanctioned conduit between Trump’s senior orbit and the Kremlin?  Papadopolous’ guilty plea doesn’t come out of nowhere, mind you; we’ve known his name for months.  After he was arrested over the summer, the Washington Post reported that based on a review of documents, the young aide “appeared to hold little sway within the campaign.”  We also wrote aboutPapadopolous’ apparent efforts to broker meetings in Russia for Trump and top campaign officials — which were met with concern and resistance, then rebuffed…”

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  • This entire problem wouldn’t exist if Hillary was still Secretary of State. 😉

    • This is true.

    • mauser 98

      This entire problem would would be covered up if Hill were POTUS

  • Clausewitz

    Yep, go after Trump associates for procedural gaffes while the whole time firm evidence of Democrat and Killary wrong doings stares us square in the face.

  • Alain

    This is what one normally finds in a banana republic dictatorship. Unbelievable how this has happened to a country that was once a beacon for freedom based on strong moral standards.