Muslim woman who fantasized about beheading Katie Hopkins convicted over terror plot

Madihah Taheer, 21, was found guilty of preparing to commit terrorist acts after a court heard she had bought her husband a martial arts dummy so he could practice stabbing techniques.

  • Doctor Evil

    Leapin’ Lizards. A muzzie was convicted of something. #HUZZAH #Shadilay

  • simus1

    How does a muslim become “a former accountant” ?
    Has the profession been declared haram or something ?

  • tom_billesley

    A martial arts dummy – the perfect wedding gift for a muslim bride who doesn’t want her husband to use her body to hone his stabbing skills.

    • sk6actual

      She is smarter than the average muslim bride

  • laja kurc

    They are completely bonkers and clearly the end result of a long line of consanguineous marriages. Their actions and dialogue could be a Monty Python comedy skit if their barbaric behaviour didn’t prove that they were dead serious. Only an elite which is just as looney as they are would invite these vipers into their nests.

  • Dana Garcia

    Talk about muslim family values!

    “Here, Achmed, I bought you a dummy so you could practice your stabbing and chopping techniques.”

  • Dave

    Time to bring back the gallows in the town square.