Google and Facebook must do more to tackle online extremism and fake news, says World Economic Forum

The study from the Swiss nonprofit organisation adds to a chorus of calls for Silicon Valley to stem the spread of violent material from Islamic State militants and the use of their services by alleged Russian propagandists.

Conservatives are just collateral damage.

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    Collateral damage I fear is a cover for primary target.

  • Sometimes Alex Jones is nothing short of genius, other times his IQ is only slightly above that of a moron (and taking lots of his vitamin supplements is clearly not the determining factor in either case).

    Here’s what Alex Jones was saying a mere three years ago about the alleged “CIA/crack-cocaine” connection under Reagan, which supposedly financed the anti-Communist fighters in Central America and was somehow connected to “racism” in the U.S. It wasn’t the Mainstream Media that was propagating this sort of fake news back in the day — it was conspiracy people like Jones. Now it appears that the MSM has switched roles with Jones — the propaganda comes from the MSM and they are the chief purveyors of fake news, not people like Jones. Compare and contrast — a mere three years ago Jones was lionizing scum of the earth drug kingpins like Rick Ross in support of one of the moronic conspiracy theories I’ve ever heard:

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    Google And Facebook Must Do More To Tackle resistance to lying media’s Fake News, Says New World Order Marxist Propaganda Forum

    we need a civil war against these Marxist totalitarian douches