Following sexual assault accusations, supporters of Swiss Islamist Tariq Ramadan call it ‘Zionist plot’

(JTA) — Three women said they were sexually assaulted by Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss scholar on Islam and a prominent critic of Israel among European intellectuals.

Supporters of Ramadan, who is a professor of contemporary Islamic studies at Oxford’s St. Anthony’s College, have called the accusations against him part of a “international Zionist plot” to blacken his name.

Ramadan, who in 2009 was fired from Rotterdam’s Erasmus University for taking money from the Iranian regime and who has been refused entry to France and the United States over his ties to Hamas and other terrorist groups, has often aired conspiracy theories about Israel and Jews. Ramadan has denied any wrongdoing with regards to the sex crimes accusations.

  • simus1

    The left has no concern or interest in what criminality or sociopathy any on their side might find useful to relieve their tensions as long as the party line is maintained and driven forward. Those who have no compunction in sending off gullible foolish women to “help Gaza” in the full knowledge that many will be raped by feral filth at the first opportunity would never find fault with any of their star players such as that lpos.

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    I would be nervous if I were those sheep ..