Corruption Is the Fruit of a Biased Media

I recall a friendly conversation with a colleague about bias in the mainstream media circa 2002. The discussion revolved around which news agencies were furthest from the political center. At that time, our consensus was that most broadcast and cable news outlets leaned left, but not as much as Fox News Channel leaned right. FNC became very successful showcasing biased opinions in addition to news reporting. It created a trend for all to emulate and a stigma for FNC. This stigma has stuck with them through the years and facilitated incessant marginalization rhetoric by an increasingly leftward biased mainstream media.

  • Clausewitz

    What utter Bullocks. FNC was always closer to the political Centre than any of the other media outlets. CNN is a extension of the fringe left of the Democrats and MSNBC is a complete joke. NYT’s, Washington Post, any other NY newspaper, and anything out of California is so far left that they now continually call everything Centrist as far right. That and I don’t believe this wanker has ever had a “friendly conversation” with anyone, that’s just not what leftists do.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Fox News succeeded because it told the truth, something its competitors have a problem with.

  • simus1

    Trump essentially followed the early Fox formula which was to identify any potentially large ignored market segments and serve then grow them. If the mass media had been less dishonest and biased back in the day there would have been no room for Fox News. Local Fox radio affiliates are spread all over the place, from the fire breathing right to the one in Connecticut that sounded like a relay for 1950s Radio Moscow.