300,000 new immigrants a year is Canada’s ‘new normal’

Canada’s immigration minister says Canada will welcome at least as many immigrants next year as it is in 2017.

The government’s plan for annual immigration levels, which was set at 300,000 for this year, is expected to be tabled in the House of Commons next week.

Immigration minister Ahmed Hussen told The House that the government will not go below that level next year.

“Three hundred thousand is now our new normal,” he said, while not closing the door to a higher number for 2018.

They are stealing our country and our wealth. Mass immigration is a Ponzi scheme.

See also – Economist: Mass Immigration to U.S. Is World’s ‘Largest Anti-Poverty Program’ at the Expense of Americans

Decades of mass immigration to the United States, with more than 1.5 million legal immigrants entering the country every year, is the world’s “largest anti-poverty program” at the expense of blue-collar American workers and the middle class, says a Harvard University economist.

In an interview with Talking Points Memo, economist George Borjas detailed how more than five decades of mass immigration of low-wage foreign nationals to the U.S. have negatively impacted America’s poor, working class, and middle class in the labor force.

  • ontario john

    Would it be racist to ask, where are all these people going to live, where are the jobs for them, and how are we going to feed them in the future as farm land disappears? And why are most of them muslims?

    • Linda1000

      The short answer our country is being destroyed is because we have a revert muslim PM with Commie Butts-like socialist advisors, a muslim immigration minister and the government in Ottawa is infested with lefty socialist enviro loonies, plus fundamental islamic operatives. I’m so glad I won’t be around to see Canada totally destroyed in about 15-20 years.

      • The first Beirut of Canada is coming soon!

        • A Hamilton Guy

          I’m too old, but the guns will come out. It’s happened before in other places and we are not immune.

    • Observer

      The Liberal’s euthanasia program should solve all that and make room for the new replacement population.

    • Starlord

      Good questions. Most end up in the GTA and as swaths of farmland disappears each year.

      Southern Ontario is one big KOA Balkanize area…

      Also why do we allow people in from cultures that are basically everything the opposite Canada stands for.

      • “Why do we allow people in from cultures that are basically everything the opposite Canada stands for.”


        The multi-cultists are addicted to their asinine belief “all cultures are equal”. And to make matters worse, they hate Western Civilization.

    • Bernie

      Not racist to ask. The answer is that the average Canadian will be a slave to the Muslims supporting them in all manners as they will not integrate into our Society.

    • Mainlander

      They’d need to create a city the size of Winnipeg every 2 years. Good thing Canada’s existing infrastructure is not already at capacity. It’s so fun to go to emergency and have to wait behind dozens of Indians and Chinese who don’t speak English. THIS is what our forefathers were envisioning for their descendants undoubtedly.

  • Marvin
  • Liberal Progressive

    Gerald in the PMO says this will be great because the added people will prevent any inflationary trends in business labour costs.

    Plus this will provide lots more Liberal voters for upcoming elections!

    • I bet he did too.

    • Observer

      Liberals, keeping Canadians’ wages down for the benefit of their business financiers!

      • ontario john

        The temp agencies that pay nothing wages and benefits are probably big Liberal Party donors. Follow the money trail.

    • jayme

      Don’t forget the wonderful values and social ethos we are solidifying: GFM, anti-semitism, inferiority of women, intolerance toward gays and non-muslims … oh, and no more bacon or beer! Something for everyone!

  • Hard Little Machine

    That’s weak. Do a million.

    • John Boy

      The 300,000 are those officially let in and does not include all the “undocumented people” so a million a year in total is very possible.

    • P_F

      The total intake is already almost a million per year.

      300,000 documented immigrants
      100,000 super visa (for elderly parents)
      100,000 refugees/asylum seekers/illegals
      400,000 foreign students
      150,000 TFW

      Canada is screwed.

  • tom_billesley

    If Trudeau wants to boost the number of Francophone migrants, he can don a Santa suit and follow Macron to French Guiana.

    Riots erupted during President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to French Guiana after he incensed protesters by ruling out additional state aid for the impoverished South American territory, saying: “I am not Father Christmas.”
    Tension has been high since a general strike over high unemployment and violent crime six months ago. Protesters lifted a road blockade after the previous Socialist government promised to inject more than €1 billion into the economy of France’s overseas territory bordering Brazil and consider investing a further €2 billion.
    “The state has made too many promises that have not been kept,” Mr Macron said soon after his arrival. “I’m not here to make grand promises that are hot air. You don’t believe in the promises of Father Christmas. I am not Father Christmas because the Guianese are not children.”
    Line Létard, a local councillor, said Mr Macron’s approach was “extremely damaging”. She urged him to “show respect for Guiana… by giving it what it has the right to expect from the French Republic.”


  • deplorabledave

    The federal government released its 2012 immigration statistics, on Wednesday,with Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, touting that, for the seventh consecutive year, “Canada continued the highest sustained level of immigration in Canadian history.”

    Last year, 257,515 immigrants entered Canada, a slight jump from 2011 when we accepted 248,751. The government has set an annual target of between 240,000 to 265,000 for the near term.

    Looks like the death spiral is favoured by both parties.

  • Thomas Henderson

    Mr. PM, if we are the “first post nationalist state” and have “no core identity, no mainstream”, why stop at 300,000? Why not 30,000,000? Let’s just replace everybody! Then we can all sing “Imagine” and say together, “I hope someday you’ll join us and all the world will be as one.”

    This is insane.

    The barbarians are not at the gates. They’re in the halls of power. These ideologues have swallowed whole the post modernist kool-aid.

  • P_F

    Future of Canada in 10 years, as I perceive:
    A tussle will break between different ethnicities/cultures. Belligerent parties would be: chinese, mohammedans, sikhs, filipinos & african blacks mixed with other races/ethnicity joining or supporting a group depending on their chances of victory. It’ll be a full scale conflict based on race, religion & culture.
    The most likely outcome: 1) chinese will gain control of the western half of Canada, rich in natural resources & easily accessible to china mainland through sea. 2) The eastern part of Canada will be divided further in to 2 parts, with ontario, NS & south eastern parts of manitoba coming under islamic caliphate rule where as the quebec & the remaining parts of atlantic provinces will be overrun by black africans.

    Now, regarding the rest of the belligerent groups (including white euro-canadians, although I don’t believe euro-canadians would be fighting for their freedom, rights & country, as they’d already surrendered it 40 years ago): they’ll either be annihilated by vanquishers or would agree to live as second or third class subjects of the new world order.

    My assumptions are based on the fact of Canadian ‘Multicultural’ policy.
    No other cultural group, except white euro-canadians, wants to mix-up & live with any other culture/ethnicity. The way canadian politicians (of all stripes) are forcing their multi-culti ideology & policies on new, un-assimilated immigrant groups it’s a perfect recipe for a disaster. Once these diverse immigrant groups gain sufficient political & economic strength, they’ll be at each others throat for domination resulting in fragmentation of canada.
    Without the bond of nationalism & uniculturalism, sooner or later, a country or society is bound to fracture.

    • However it plays, it looks gloomy.

    • DMB

      Just wait until the next federal election in communities such as Peel Region (Brampton/Mississauga) were Sikhs and Muslims will battle each other politically. Sikhs will rally behind Jagmeet Singh in Brampton while Muslims will vote Liberal for their Muslim M.P.’s in Mississauga.

  • “They are stealing our country and our wealth. Mass immigration is a Ponzi scheme.”

    • Observer

      No it’s not. It’s a jizya and hijra scheme. 🙁

  • occupant 9

    First, they’ll be parked in jurisdictions the Liberals currently don’t win so that they DO win. Then pressure will be applied to all the local gov’t to open up what they wouldn’t for local poor.

    Of course, laws will have to change to suit those who prefer their own laws over our’s. I mean, just because they come to a new nation doesn’t mean they have to change their ways in any manner … it’s us who must change … because we’re capable of it and the newcomers, well, just ain’t, so why bother them.

  • Exile1981

    So each year 1% of our population will be replaced until Canada is an Islamic Shit hole with a permanent liberal gov’t?

    • Not quite. The Liberal Government will be replaced by an Islamic Overlord, a small point the Liberals don’t seem to have grasped.

  • Where are the riots over this?

    • John Boy

      They don’t start rioting and getting all jihadi until they start to get towards 6-10% of the population.

      • They don’t start rioting until their beer supply is threatened.

  • DMB