Why the Republicans are not the answer to the Democrats

From Pete Spiliakos at First Things:

The socialization process of America’s politicians is broken. Our country is coming apart along lines of education and economic class. Our young conservative politicians, ambitious and studious “organization kids,” were raised in classrooms and Chamber of Commerce luncheons. They have the politics of the business lobbies married to the sensibilities of the been-to-grad-school credentialed professions. They know that the way to win is to stand up for the principles of lower taxes on the job creators, entitlement cuts for wage-earners, and expanded low-skill immigration. They know to be inclusive and polite about all the groups in America except for low-status Republican voters. They go out into the wider America and are shocked when somebody like Trump eats their lunch.

Worst of all is that these are the best people we have. They hit the books. They care about the Constitution (by their lights). They are genuinely trying to do the right thing. They are also insular, smug, and ideologically intoxicated. And still they are the best we have—as people.

But the problem isn’t with the personalities or resumes of the candidates, as such. Those are all fine. The problem is that what conventional Republicans are offering is unpopular. Our Republican elites offer Baskin-Robbins Bushism. You can have any skin tone, ethnicity, or gender you want, as long as it is all Bushism. The problem is that the voters don’t want Bushism in any vessel, and they really don’t want the post-Bush GOP’s obsession with cutting taxes almost exclusively on high earners.More.

Reality check: Trump did not win because of his abilities but because he was not simply, utterly disqualified by the long-standing problems that disqualify these people.

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