Terrorism in Europe

Terrorism is booming in Europe — even though the European Union statistics say it is not. The EU’s statistics on terrorism, simply put, confuse the issue. They are a fairy-tale.

Since 9/11, in report after report, experts, ministers and public authorities have been saying the same thing: that in Europe (meaning the EU), Islamic terrorism is merely a marginal aberration. Nothing to be afraid of, and if you show too much interest in the matter you are probably on the far-right, aren’t you! Do you want to persecute the Muslims and make them the Jews of today’s Europe?

As experts always do when they want to shut down a debate, they turn to statistics, preferably European statistics. Since July 1, 1999 — the date of its inception — Europol (European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation) has regularly published an assessment of terrorism in the EU.

  • Old Guy

    “Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.”
    Mark Twain

    The Wizard of Oz: Pay No Attention

  • Norman_In_New_York

    “An expert is someone who is afraid of anything new, because then he wouldn’t be an expert anymore.” – Harry Truman

  • As George Orwell pointed out, it is not terrorism we should fear so much as those who define it. A bit like Stalin’s observation that those who count the votes are more important than those who cast them.

    Personally I would not believe a single, solitary word the EU ever said about anything. Like its Islamic pals, every sentence uttered is for the sole purpose of peddling its political programming.

    As the article concluded, we can bypass the spurious, manipulative definitions by simply counting the dead bodies, and noting who made them.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Stats are like polls: Dogs like them.