Pope Francis is ‘the Pope of Islam’: Islam expert

October 28, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Before anyone starts accusing Lifesite of “attacking the Pope” for presenting this video and article, let me provide context.

Robert Spencer is no “Islamophobe” or hater of Muslims or of Pope Francis and the Catholic Church. Wikipedia explains that Spencer “is a member of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, the Eastern Catholic Antiochian Greek Catholic counterpart of the ancient Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch.”

More than that, however, he has become one of the foremost experts on Islam in the English-speaking world. Therefore, what Robert Spencer has to say in relation to Islam must not be discounted.

  • mobuyus

    This pope is as much a muslim as buraq hussein obama or imam trudeau the grand mufti & muktar of canada are.

    • That’s a lot!

      • BillyHW

        Damn, it’s even worse than I thought.

        • DVult

          Maybe we should let women vote for pope. At least he’d have better hair.

    • seaoh

      pope Francis the Obama of the Catholic church

  • simus1

    Pope Evita isn’t the problem.

    The clowns who voted him in and who are not flabbergasted by what he has done since are the problem.

    • Frances

      Problem is, there is no mechanism to vote him out.

      • simus1

        The problem is he is just another front man like obama.

        • Frances

          Interesting – who’s he fronting for? Soros?

  • Cat-astrophe

    The pope is just one suction cup on the octopus.
    Islam is the future mechanism of societal control that is being passed from the now ineffectual hand of Christianity to the willing and able culture of Islam.

  • Malcolm Y

    I guess it’s one of those “too big to fire positions” – the Cardinals wouldn’t remove him if they could because they don’t want the world to know they’re a bunch of idiots or fellow travelers. I think the American conference of bishops – like all the Catholic universities & colleges support him because they are no longer Catholic.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Political correctness has cast its shadow over the Vatican, just as it has over mainline Protestant sects.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      As a Catholic; I don’t listen to his BS on islam. There are many stupid people when it come to this satanic cult. Betrayal was foretold by the Blessed Virgin at Fatima, even by those in high positions within the Church. I don’t hate muslms as people, but I keep my guard up.