Not refugees, not children

I was interviewing ten foster parents in west London for a report on children in care. Foster parents are in great demand, so I was startled to discover that only one of the sets of parents was looking after the sort of vulnerable children you imagine to be in the care system. The others were looking after unaccompanied asylum-seeker children.

They made an alarming claim: three of these seemed to be adults passing themselves off as boys. ‘The first thing they ask for is a razor,’ said one foster parent, ‘They’ve got these big beards.’ A woman admitted she found it embarrassing having a grown man posing as a 17-year-old. But the authorities appeared uninterested. ‘Our concerns are just fobbed off,’ said another.

…The truth is, nobody arrives in this country without the help of a people trafficker. This means it is the people traffickers who control our immigration system — not the Home Office. It is they who dictate who comes here. Refugees who cannot afford to pay never make it. If we really want to help the vulnerable, we should be taking children directly from refugee camps.

…As one immigration officer at a busy UK airport with 20 years’ experience of dealing with refugee children explained to me: ‘Ninety per cent of them are not orphans. Their coming here is very well worked out. Their families have paid the people traffickers to bring them here. The intention is for the families to follow shortly after. These are cash-rich young people.’

…The immigration officer is frustrated because he knows by sight many of the ‘facilitators’ or people traffickers. These are often young men on benefits who appear mysteriously able to travel ten times a year to Dubai and Africa. They charge a high price for a personalised service in which they accompany the young migrants on the plane before leaving them at the terminal. But the traffickers have British or EU passports. ‘I have no power to stop a British citizen longer than five minutes otherwise my bosses upstairs will kick off. I can do nothing without the traffickers’ permission. Nothing — and they know that.’

Despite the security threat, few in authority appear willing to tackle the problem. When a Conservative MP suggested checking the age of young asylum seekers with dental or X-ray tests of the hand to measure bone density, he was accused of ‘vilifying’ refugees. Ruth Allen, chief executive of the British Association of Social Workers, said medical tests would be ‘very intrusive and could be re-traumatising’.

When Norway insisted on a dental examination of arriving refugee children, they discovered nine out of ten were, in fact, over 18.

  • BillyHW

    Social worker isn’t a real job, that’s why women flock to such positions.

    • Sharkibark

      It actually is a real job, Billy. And it is not a male or female position to want to help other people in unfortunate circumstance. However, the shift in what is actually social work and what can be more technically described as “handing out free shit” is disturbing and at the moment, in this country at least, can be more attributed to the male sex (Justin Trudeau) than the female. However – unlike you and your views on women – I don’t paint all men to be like that hair-swirling beta.

      • Alain

        It all depends on what one considers a “real” job. I am of the option that it is not a real job in the sense that it is necessary and actually produces something of value. Of course there are plenty of other jobs that I do not consider real jobs either. That said I would include both sexes who work as social workers, although Billy is correct that the majority are female.

  • Ed

    I wonder if the “elites” who allow this to happen spend much time examining the photos of Mussolini hanging upside down… most undignified.

    • Tooth&Claw

      It’s getting ever closer to that point, I think. We’ve been sold out and more of us are becoming awakened to that fact. Especially when 70 year old grandmothers are beaten almost to death by mohammedan immigrants.

  • Dave

    ‘very intrusive and could be re-traumatising’ Big effing deal! They want to be here, adhere to our rules (or former rules or, forget it. Since the leftists have effed everything up, there aren’t any rules anymore, except for the white man.)

  • simus1

    The British Association of leftist government employee rent seekers and bribe takers do not welcome outside scrutiny of how they run their turf.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops
  • Dana Garcia

    No wonder the muzbos keep coming, since the Europeans are such willing suckers.

    • All future thugs on the streets of Western cities. When they takeover, they will be torturers and killers. Evil welcomed with open arms.

  • Importing Muslims, under any pretext whatsoever, is collective suicide.