Never Enough Euthanasia in Canada

The ink is barely dry on Canada’s expansive right to euthanasia and there is already much talk of expanding the killing to new categories–such as children.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    What kind of freaks are advocating this for children? Their own children.
    This idea sure isn’t the kids’.

    • WalterBannon


      • Bla Bla

        liberals == nazis

    • DMB

      If there willing to abort their unborn children then they are willing to euthanize their born children.

    • This is the logical progression to a culture of death where the practitioners don’t get their hands dirty.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    Maybe soon we’ll have mobile euthanasia vans, as they do in the Netherlands. I guess it is too expensive to try to cure people so the government will do away with us when we get sick. Dildeau needs to save money so he can give $10,000,000 to each muslim.

  • WalterBannon

    euthanasia should be mandatory for all politicians after one term in office

  • Shebel

    ‘Choice’ vs ‘NO Choice’

    I am on the side of ” Choice”.

  • Liberal Progressive

    This only makes sense, to help make room for more refugee children the government would like to fly to Canada.

  • Justin St.Denis

    If there is one thing I know for sure it is this: Canada’s euthanasia policy undermines Canadian citizens’ trust/faith in the Canadian healthcare system, esp. since private care is illegal in Canada.

    I am confronting a very serious cancer, and my (Chinese-Canadian) oncologist is a certified prick. So was the last oncologist I dealt with. Indeed, I have learned that oncologists are loathed by other specialized disciplines within the medical community across the country. I have neither FAITH not TRUST in our medical system (oncologists in particular), so I am left to evaluate same based upon my experience and results. Last time I saw him, the oncologist actually delivered a veiled threat to me. I resolved to never see him without my wife in the room with me, taking notes and/or recording everything digitally, again. I recommend others follow similarly defensive practices.

    I am VERY lucky in that my physician of record is the real deal, so ANY medical specialist plays an ADVISORY role in my healthcare. Oncologists in particular do not like this. Be advised, even if you have a fantastic physician, that oncologists in Canada expect worship. Let the system pay RNs with no self-worth to do that, but don’t fall into the pattern yourself. Oncologists are never your friends.

    • LauraS

      So sorry to read this. Praying for a fast and full recovery for you–especially so you don’t have to deal with that awful oncologist!

    • Justin, hang in there and don’t let anyone get to you. Have an advocate by your side.

      • Justin St.Denis

        My wife (“the TigerMom”) will ABSOLUTELY accompany me on all future visits with “my oncologist” aka “the prick”. She always expected me to stick around until at least 90. She still does. 😉

        • That’s great to hear.

          I say these things not to trouble you but your experience is sadly not atypical.

  • CodexCoder

    There are two core values in modern society: personal peace and affluence. Personal peace is the desire to be left, at my discretion, completely and utterly alone without outside interference. Personal affluence is the will that my financial status be completely undisturbed regardless of the rest of the world. In short, the world is extremely selfish. So we tend to adopt legislation that promotes continuity of our own personal peace and affluence. That is how our governments bribe us with our own tax dollars and that is how government becomes our nanny because they promise peace (when there can be no peace) and prosperity (without hard work and a lot of borrowing against future generations.

    Euthanasia is just another step in the same direction. The government rules that is is legal (not ethical or moral) to kill anything which might disturb our personal peace and affluence. Abortion was just the first step – an unborn child that might interfere with my ability to earn a larger house or another car. Euthanasia provides the same out for existing difficulties- Down’s Syndrome in children (think Iceland and the Netherlands), or Alzheimer’s Disease in aging parents. In short, euthanasia promotes the idea that it is legal to kill anything which inconveniences my lifestyle. Making something morally wrong legal should not be a justification for doing anything. Euthanasia is another expression of the “Might makes right” idea – just because I can, therefore I should.

    • Felix_Culpa

      QUOTE: “In short, euthanasia promotes the idea that it is legal to kill anything which inconveniences my lifestyle.” Yes! That’s it exactly.

  • evangeline golding

    Does this remind anyone else of 1930’s germany?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why not simply let The State decide on its own with no input from anyone? Like a lottery, every week 10% of the population is put in a hopper from which they pick 1% for culling.

  • DMB

    Coming to a community near you!

  • simus1

    Stop scaremongering.

    It would only involve putting down children where both of their parents were proven beyond a doubt to be unbending politically conservative Christians.