Lessons From the Past — Including North Korea’s

The USS NEW JERSEY (BB-62) fire a six gun salvo of 16 inch shell into enemy troop concentration near Kaesong, Korea.

North Korea has also built up an arsenal of biological and chemical weapons.

For those who were brought up with a consciousness of Japanese strategic build-up before the attack on Pearl Harbor, it is anathema that we are being counseled to treat North Korea with the same expectation that diplomacy will alter Pyongyang’s belligerency. The regime in North Korea already has a history of invasion and annihilation.

There is a lesson well confirmed by history, that aggression by dictatorships with expansionist aims are only temporarily deterred and certainly not stopped by diplomatic negotiations.

  • simus1

    After WW2 the US treated its South Korea foster nation like a Central American banana republic.
    The hard new rulers of North Korea had spent decades in Moscow exile under Stalin’s wing. They knew what they were capable of. Stalin knew what they were capable of.
    When you know your enemy and you know yourself ……………… Sun Tzu

  • Blind Druid

    I have faith that the technology of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex is fully on top of Little Rocket Man’s game. He is fully infiltrated and he can’t scratch his nuts without Uncle Sam knowing. China is the elephant in the room. If the Child pisses the Chinks off, it’s game over. We live in interesting times.

  • Linda1000

    I think Little Kim’s father was the one who built up the stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons thanks to help from Syria’s stockpiles via Iraq or Iran. I can already hear the shrieking from all the European lefties, the UN, Democorrupts, Jihadi Justine etc. if Trump decides to hit N. Korea.

  • North Korea is a massive disaster just waiting to happen; it will happen inevitably. The longer the US waits, the more massive the coming disaster. The US and its local allies, SoKo and Jap, must launch a massive preemptive attack and destroy the Kim regime a.s.a.p. The casualties will be less in that event than if the evil regime is allowed to fester and grow.