Jolly Old England: Muslims beat Christian for displaying cross and Remembrance Day Poppies

Mr Amar wants to leave Derby because he no longer feels safe, but he tragically left Pakistan after being shot by Muslims there after refusing to convert to Islam

Pakistani Christian ‘is knocked out and left with a broken nose by a gang of “Muslims” in Derbyshire who attacked him for displaying a cross and poppies on his car’

He should learn to accommodate Muslim religious sensibilities!

  • Editor

    The Police are painting their nails, then have to browse Twitter for a few hours. They’ll be with you right after that.

    • So soon?

      • Editor

        Well, there is the Common Purpose seminar we have to go to so it might have to wait until next shift, if we don’t “lose” your paperwork.

    • Perhaps we should learn from the, possibly apocryphal, story of an American calling the Police to say thieves were breaking into his garage. He was told they were very busy and would get there when they could. He called again ten minutes later and got the same response.

      Another ten minutes later he called again, and was told rather huffily to please stop harrassing them with his burglars. “You needn’t bother now,” he said, “I’ve just shot them.” The Police arrived before he put the phone down.

      • In the UK/EU it would be even simpler. All he would have to do is shout “I don’t like Islam” down the phone and the whole Force would be tyres squealing down the street, sirens blaring, with the Chief of Police shouting “Hate crime, hater!” from the loudspeaker of the leading car containing the Armed Response Squad.

  • BillyHW

    But just think of all the great cab rides, and restaurants, and gang-child-rapings…

    • He should have died when he got shot! Look at all the extra bother he caused those peace loving Muslims!

  • mauser 98
  • bargogx1

    It must pain the British authorities greatly to have to pretend to care about a crime against this filthy “Islamophobe”. You can tell from the terse quote from the local constabulary just how much so. You can be sure if the situation was reversed, they’d have a lot more to say.

  • Lightstream

    They should be deported immediately if they still have their Pakistani citizenship. Gee, the majority of white people are stupid and I’m white.

  • Arm Christians.

    In case I didn’t say that before.