The JFK files: Seven of the most interesting documents

Prior to the long anticipated release of the JFK files, President Trump tweeted that the files were ‘So interesting!’

Here are some of the most interesting documents so far discovered…

  • simus1

    The most important criteria for secrecy seems to be if the people named in rumours are still alive and capable of suing for defamation.

  • Gary

    People conspired to kill JFK… BANG, he’s dead. I don’t need 80K pages of allegations from the 3rd party people about a feeling or what they heard 2 days before the shooting.

    We have a current Global Warming conspiracy going on to push for a Global Government but it hasn’t gotten extra warm on Earth in the last 18 years while the Computer Model had the Poles melted and oceans up 15 feet.

  • Tooth&Claw

    I still maintain it was the CIA. They are unaccountable, and have access to materiel, personnel, and buckets of cash.