Furey: Progressive reaction to Bill 62 lets down vulnerable Muslim women

Police in Quebec are hoping more Muslims girls are going to have the courage to come forward when they’re being assaulted at home.

Good luck with that.

  • BillyHW

    Police in Japan don’t have to worry about this.

    • Funny how that works, less Muslims equals less terrorism, less honour violence, less FGM, less anti-semitism, less sectarian violence.

      It’s almost like there was a pattern!

      • BillyHW

        But all they have is sushi restaurants!

        • Linda1000

          Tempura veggies and fish with teriyaki sauce taste really good because they are cooked.

        • ismiselemeas

          They’ve got a little bit more than that but it costs money.

    • Islamic cult practices cause honor violence.

      Islam is the problem.

      Liberal fascination with “multiculturalism” kills.

      • Will Quest

        We are meant to take a knee to any crazy fetish izzzlam claims is ‘sacrosanct’ to their supremacist / fundamentalist ideology……
        A form of submission to izzzlam if you will …..

  • ismiselemeas

    Surely the authorities are engaging in the acceptance that there are barbaric cultural practices? Do they not understand that this is considered a fascist cultural practice in Canada to speak about the barbaric cultural practices of immigrants? Le sigh.

  • bargogx1

    The purpose of M-103 is to prevent that from happening.

  • simus1

    These foolish young muslim women and their government employed professional hand holders never honestly face this reality of the life or death situation. There is no safe middle ground.

  • This is rather like the “opioid crisis”. The police are horrified (so they say) by people over-dosing yet there are injection sites.

    Why have motions that prevent criticism of Islamism and cultural acceptance of this emotionally retarded culture but then ask girls to come forward?

    These are great examples of moral and logical dissonance.