Did Putin Really Want Trump to Win?

I have long believed that Putin had a distinct preference for Hillary in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

  • DaninVan

    He LIKED Hillary?! Now that’s a sick puppy.

  • Linda1000

    Putin had already bought Hill and Bill so he wanted more return on his investment. Guess Ozero didn’t cooperate enough as promised and Trump is more difficult to deal with for Russia or isn’t a walkover.

  • Solo712

    Disagree. Putin preferred Trump because he thought the Donald had more potential to normalize relations with him. He knew that there was not much opportunity with Clinton who was owned by the anti-Russian deep state. Would Putin have gone out on a limb and thrown his resources behind Trump? Don’t think so: he is a cautious man and would not be drawn into a melee with Clinton’s administration as it looked she was a shoo in.

  • Dana Garcia

    Of course Putin wanted Hilldog to win, because she would sell him anything — and cheap!