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NFL in Death Spiral—San Fran 49’s Spend $$ on Gun Control—Not Better Players

Did you really think the politicization of the NFL starts and stops with the taking of a knee at the sounds of the national Anthem you are wrong. Now the San Fran 49’ers are acting as a Democrat Party PAC—giving $500,000 to promote gun control.

“According to ESPN, the 49ers presented the gun control pledge as part of creating a “more understanding and safer America.” The $500,000 will also be used to push a ban on bump stocks and armor-piercing bullets.

George Washington’s Church Says Plaque Honoring First President Must Come Down

Leaders at the church that George Washington attended decided that a plaque honoring the first president of the United States must be removed.

Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia will take down a memorial marking the pew where Washington sat with his family, saying it is not acceptable to all worshipers.

“The plaques in our sanctuary make some in our presence feel unsafe or unwelcome,” leaders said, a reference to the fact that Washington was a slaveholder.

Have Halloween costume bans in Canada gone too far?

Canadian schools are wrestling with how to guide students and parents towards Halloween costumes that aren’t considered offensive or culturally insensitive.

In early October, a Canadian school board emailed a checklist “Is my costume appropriate?” to parents planning their children’s Halloween costumes.

Fuschia Martians, mythical creatures, and animals got the all clear.

On the what not to wear list for 31 October – cowboy and Indian costumes, slaves, terrorist, gypsy, Rastafarian and “urban ghetto resident”.

There are no military solutions to Sweden’s criminal gangs

n connection with the submission of the motion to the Riksdag, its initiator, the moderate parliamentary member, as well as the police commissioner Mikael Cederbratt, All put a written question to the Minister of Justice Morgan Johansson (S) on the same subject.

“No intention to take such action.”
Morgan Johansson writes in his reply to Cederbratt that the causes of the problems in the vulnerable areas are very complex and have been going on for a long time – and that “the government does not intend to take any such measures”.

He also writes that “the problems must be solved through measures that reduce social gaps, increase security and help restore the confidence of civil society among the overwhelming majority of law-abiding people living in these areas.”

Quebec Liberal Party slips as CAQ surges less than a year before election

Quebec voters liberated from the independence debate are casting aside traditional allegiances and throwing support behind a third party that has never held power, a new poll has found.

The Coalition Avenir Québec, a conservative party led by former airline executive François Legault, has surged ahead of the Quebec Liberal Party in voting intentions for the first time since the CAQ was founded in 2011, according to the survey conducted by the Leger research firm for The Globe and Mail and Le Devoir.

  • “There are no military solutions to Sweden’s criminal gangs” – then get ready for “two states for two peoples” on the way to “one state for one (the Arab) people.”

    Organisms that are not willing to defend their lives against external attack, are doomed. Organisms that invite dangerous foreign organisms into themselves are even more bound to disappear. These are laws of nature, which no amount of PC wishful thinking can change.

    • ontario john

      Diversity is their strength.

      • Diversity is their doom.

        • Linda1000

          Same for Canada, we are just a few years behind Britain but we have about half the population to take over. Justine is trying his best to speed things up. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc. with less population have just been on the multi-cult road a little longer so are nearing the end.

  • tom_billesley

    Your life in their hands ….
    Heathrow Airport’s secret security planning has been revealed in files on a memory stick found in a London street.
    The documents outline routes and safeguards for the Queen, foreign dignitaries and top politicians using Britain’s busiest airport. The USB drive also includes maps showing where CCTV cameras are located, and escape route for the Heathrow Express railway serving the airport.
    Other files describe the ultrasound detection system for protecting the perimeter fence and the runways, and detail the ID requirements for accessing every area of the airport.
    A man found the memory stick in Ilbert Street, London W10, just 10 miles from Heathrow. Several days later, he took the device to his local library and studied the contents. When he realised the security implications, he approached the Sunday Mirror.

    • Wow. Lol.

    • Blacksmith

      I don’t know why this would be a surprise to anyone, hell muzzloids work in airports all over the world behind security.

      • So as not to hurt their feelings if they were not hired.

        • Blacksmith

          As a frequent flier I despise the politically correct attitude.

          • The authorities are willing to take chances, and have many of us killed, rather than be politically incorrect. They have principles, and to hell with the lives they are supposed to be protecting.

      • tom_billesley

        And sometimes they are the security
        Sister and brother-in-law of London Bridge jihadi sacked from Heathrow security jobs.

        • Blacksmith

          Believe me I know. There are muzzloids all throughout the tsa.

      • Mickey Oberman

        I find it hard to believe they randomly drop their precious memory sticks anywhere.

    • canminuteman

      I remember going through Heathrow 25 years ago and being shocked to see police with sub machine guns all over the place and armoured personnel carriers and soldiers in the parking lot outside.

      • Just routine, now.

      • marty_p

        Pearson airport in Toronto have machine gun equipped Peel Regional Police assigned to the departures area when ever El Al the Israeli airline has a flight check in.

    • Mickey Oberman

      A rather unconvincing narrative, to be sure.

  • ontario john

    And now the Sunday Toronto Star. Major story on suicide bombers in Nigeria. No mention of Islam or Muslims. Apparently its some generic terrorist group under the influence of a faded British pop music band. Nothing to do with Islam. Story that Tibetans should give up on Tibet. China is good. Major story on Muhammad Ali regarding the benefits of giving up on the Christian faith, and becoming a Muslim. Christians are slave traders. Nothing to do with Islam. Story on how Bernie Sanders and Premier Wynne praise health care in Ontario. At least within Toronto. Because Toronto is what matters. Story on tensions between the growing Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese population in Toronto. Diversity is our strength. Editorial that the state should have more control over the internet. Story that Christians and Jews are just as bad as Muslims for wearing religious garb. The writer points out how Christians wear big golden crosses around their necks. Trudeau is wonderful. The Liberal Party is wonderful.

    • A is not A.

    • marty_p

      If anyone wants a similar dose of fantasy land – listen to Desmond Cole’s show on NewsTalk 1010 at 4pm today. Every Sunday Desmond reminds listeners that “Everyone is racist except Blacks, Aboriginals, & Muslims”. He has an endless procession of SJW guests who fill us with stories of either the wonderful things people from those 3 communities are doing or how terribly they are abused and deprived by the evil white establishment.

      • ontario john

        Cole is a publicity whore.

      • JohnfromToronto

        Last week the Red Star ran a huge whitewash of Muslim anti-Semitism.

        • ontario john

          The Toronto Star is proud to point out this year, that for its Christmas gift campaign, all toys will be gender neutral. This should make the socialists and perverts in downtown Toronto happy.

          • tom_billesley

            A Christmas gift campaign .. how anti-islamic of the Toronto Star to have one.

        • dukestreet

          We all know that the MSM is not the truth in any way. They are simply willing politicial pawns for the left. There is plenty of evidence for this.

  • Blacksmith

    “He also writes that “the problems must be solved through measures that
    reduce social gaps, increase security and help restore the confidence of
    civil society among the overwhelming majority of law-abiding people living in these areas.””
    And by law abiding he means sharia law yes?

    • He means they have not been caught breaking the law, yet.

      • Blacksmith

        Hard to catch them when they refuse to look for the sake of political correctness.

  • tom_billesley
    • Linda1000

      Now, that’s actually scary. I think Weinstein must have inadequate equipment since he uses money, force and violence to have sex.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Another sign that Halloween is becoming a revelry for debauched adults only.

  • Hard Little Machine

    You clearly are not watching CNN. It’s 100% Trump is a Russian spy all day every day

  • Linda1000

    Jason Kenney is the new Conservative party leader for Alberta.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Well damn.