Author claims FBI report details Anti-Trump meeting of US Left Wing groups & Muslim Terrorists at G20 summit in Germany

Islam's Useful Idiot Liberal Left Apologists

Islam’s Useful Idiot Liberal Left Apologists

US left wing groups traveled to Germany for the G20 Summit last July to meet with Al qaeda and ISIS leaders and plot the destruction of President Trump, secret FBI investigation reveals

A secret FBI investigation of the violent ‘resistance’ movement on college campuses against President Trump has led to an alarming discovery—the collusion between American anarchists and foreign terrorists in the Islamic State and Al qaeda, according to a confidential ‘Informational Report’ by FBI field offices.

While I wouldn’t be surprised, I really need to have the FBI confirm the report’s existence, I hope Trump forces them to reveal it.

  • Exile1981

    The FBI has report because they facilitated the meeting

  • ntt1

    I would be more surprised if there had been no collusion . After all Anti Israel movements on campus are directly funded by the muslim brotherhood, it would be naive to think it stopped there.

  • simus1

    Muslim terrorists go slumming? Who knew?

  • deplorabledave

    Time to designate antifa a terrorist organization.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I’m shocked, shocked that the anarchist left would collude with Muslim terrorists.

  • Millie_Woods

    Link to the Vegas mass murder perhaps? ISIS did claim Paddock was a convert and he supposedly visited the middle east. I really wonder what was on that hard drive that went missing and why the Vegas sherrif had an FBI agent looking over his shoulder on every press conference. Is somebody in the FBI setting up the assassination of a high ranking official? Would they do that?

    • Exile1981

      yes they would. Or more likely this was and FBI sting arms sale gone bad and they want that to never get out.

    • Someone on blacklisted reckoned it was a sting gone wrong and they “crucified a Hollywood pervert” in order to try and bury it. I don’t know the timeline, but it certainly has gone very quiet on the Paddock front, given the glaring inconsistencies and, as you note, the FBI Agent shadowing the, apparently nervous-looking sheriff like a North Korean interview minder.

      It does seem like every time the Weinstein thing starts dying down, a few more women bring it back by suddenly remembering something sexually awful he did, or tried to do, or suggested, or hinted at, or they think in hindsight he might possibly have been hoping for, twenty odd years ago.

    • Alain

      Consider that ISIS does not have a track record of making false claims of responsibility.

      • Millie_Woods

        And I seem to remember they made reference to Vegas in one of their umm… dispatches earlier this year. I’m really thinking this was an Islamic terror attack.