“Anti-hate” protesters drown out small group of Pegida Canada supporters at rainy city hall rally Saturday

London police said one person has been arrested, and assault charges are pending, after anti-Islamist group Pegida Canada’s downtown rally Saturday morning – the latest in a string of regular demonstrations that are showing no signs of slowing down.

At the so-called ‘Let Us Speak’ protest, Pegida Canada supporters tried to do just that – only to be outnumbered by a crowd of counter-demonstrators who banged drums, pots and pans to drown them out.

“Anti-hate” equals Muslims and Antifa.

h/t MW

  • Lightstream

    “Anti-hate” equals Muslims and Antifa. You sure got that right!

  • Martin

    Counter protest against Pegida breaks into song in London

    Filmed in London Ontario Canada October 28th 2017 at London City Hall.


  • bargogx1

    Of course it was the “anti-hate” protesters who got violent, as usual.

  • Persevere and win.

    • moraywatson

      Perseverance and civility are the keys. I have attended the September and October Pegida events. The opposition is both fragmenting and diminishing. Pretty soon (perhaps at November’s event ?!) we’ll actually be able to hear Jenny Hill when she is speaking.

      As one of London’s finest advised just prior to yesterday’s event, keep acting civilly and people will soon figure out for themselves what is going on.

  • simus1

    Suppose the local “reporters” there would easily recognize and know the names of the majority of red fascists present but no need to even note their front group associations let alone their actual names. That would be “so unfair” to “private citizens” exercising their “rights’.