‘Why Didn’t She Say Something?’

I’ve often noticed that evil begets itself through the medium of anger.

Take racism. Some white men abuse black men on the evil principle of racism. The black men, in justifiable anger, now blame “whites” on the same evil principle of racism. Innocent whites, angry at being blamed for something they didn’t do, start to dislike blacks on, you guessed it, the evil principle of racism. Only grace and forgiveness break the chain.

It is the same with sexism and feminism. Some men are abusive toward women. Some women (feminists) blame all men. Innocent men get angry at being blamed and blame women. Stupidity ensues.

  • deplorabledave

    Klavan lost me a while back.

  • barryjr
  • Drunk by Noon ✓
    • Brett_McS

      The key passage.

    • Will Quest

      That ‘Nasty women ‘ regained her mo-jo when she temporarily stopped blowing Harvey for movie parts , put on a pussy hat and stated screaming blue murder in Trump’s direction….. I believed this neurotic bitch is still blowing Harvey on the side … F-ing ugly and talentless …..

  • simus1

    Most physical and mental abuse involving children is dealt out by women.
    The only ones who seem oblivious to this ugly truth are lefty vote whores
    and their media party boot lickers.

    • Lightstream

      So what we have calculated thus far is that, IF, according to incident reports, 70% of all child abuse is committed by women, then adjusting for the different statistical populations and applying our stated assumptions, men are 12 times as likely as women to perpetrate abuse against children, or put another way, they are 1100% more dangerous to children than are women.

      • brewin

        One might expect those stats to skew the other way dramatically once abortion is factored in.

  • Thinking From First Principles

    This Halloween I am dressing as the most reviled creature on Earth – a white male Christian of advancing years. Thankfully, there’s no issue with cultural appropriation since that’s who I am. But I’m finding lately that it doesn’t matter that I’ve championed fairness and equality all my life (I have the “I Have A Dream” speech in my audio at home and on my phone) and have never taken action against anyone based on race, gender, etc. I keep encountering people acting out against my skin color, gender, and perhaps age … and the constant barrage of insults on radio, TV, and social media is certainly not helping any and just emboldens those who are acting out as bigots against white male and Christian.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why? Because Hollywood tried to burn Trump with the secret old recordings and it didn’t stick. Going after him twice with charges of actual rape for the past 30 years in Hollywood wasn’t going to fly. And if blaming Trump wasn’t going to happen, it didn’t happen. The fact that the MSM printed/leaked the story in the first place is an internal power struggle within the far left between the old white and often nominally Jewish communist left and the new brown Jew hating Islamic worshiping left. If nothing else you can expect to notice that there are no more roles in front of or behind the camera for far left middle aged white nominally Jewish people in Hollywood anymore. Not even Rob Reiner. They’re being ethnically cleansed.

  • Shebel

    I remember the Time–long ago
    When a women said -“Rape ME”
    She wasn’t fucking around .

    When I was sucking her tits —- she whined in Rapture
    ‘ Bite them harder.’
    WTF—I didn’t want to hurt her.
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    She said — “Lick it harder”
    Hell—- I was sick of licking and biting -not that much fun for me,
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    • Will Quest

      Ohhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy where’s the sentinel Black Mamba and her wagging finger …… exploring other holes ???????