New ‘rape’ case filed against Islamist 5th Columnist Tariq Ramadan

A complaint was filed Friday in France against the Islamist philosopher and theologian Tariq Ramadan, for rape and sexual assault, following accusations of raping Salafist-turned secular liberal activist Henda Ayari.

Three days after the opening of an investigation similar accusations against him, were filed on Friday, reported AFP.

Ayari lawyer Eric Morain added that he has received other testimonials from women who are thinking of filing a complaint against the intellectual for harassment or sexual assault.

  • He’s like the Islamist Harvey Weinstein.

    • They are both unable to control their lowest impulses. But whereas Weinstein should have known better (coming from a culture that disapproves of such behavior), Tariq Ramadan was just doing what his culture considers normal.

      • Weinstein came from the Hollywood culture that approves of virtually every impulse.

        • True. But I was referring to the wider culture.

          • Well, normal people would not behave as Weinstein did.

          • He belongs in jail for the rest of his life. Some 50 women have complained against him. This was no passing loss of control, this was a way of life.

          • As it was for so many.

  • Blacksmith

    I don’t see how muslim and intellectual can be used in the same story, they are like polar opposites.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    So, according to Islam, many of life’s most challenging questions can be answered with: “rape”, “murder”, “terror”, and “enslavement”.

  • Hard Little Machine

    No one seriously expects anything to happen. A rich famous Muslim in Europe accused of rape? Come on, it’s amazing there was even a charge.

    • No, he will be affected, either financially or with jail terms. His reputation is now shot and he will lose credibility in universities and the media.

  • Tooth&Claw

    I fail to see how this is a surprising revelation. From my observations, it appears standard operating procedure for the followers of Mo.