NAFTA negotiations ‘going very badly,’ Stephen Harper writes in memo blasting Trudeau government

WASHINGTON — Stephen Harper has come out against his successor’s handling of NAFTA negotiations with the United States, with the former prime minister declaring the negotiations in real peril in a memo titled, “Napping on NAFTA.”

  • Chris

    When Prime Minister Sock Puppet goes into a major trade negotiation with the stated intent of getting agreements on social justice (barf) issues, you know things are not going to go well for us.

    • Alain

      Also siding with Mexico instead of putting Canada’s interests first is another serious and deadly mistake. Again I so want Trump to just scrap the whole bloody mess and then when and if we have an adult government individual issues can be negotiated on a bilateral basis.

      • Chris

        That’s a mighty big if considering who we’ve elected across our country.

        • Alain

          Sadly you are right about that.

  • Harper is right.

    Whatever one may feel about him (he had his failings), Harper knows whereof he speaks. Trump is not bluffing. Whether NAFTA is re-negotiated or new trade deals must be drawn up, Trudeau is not the one to do it. If Butts, Morneau or his Chinese handlers handle that task, hide your money. Soon, you may have to burn it.

    • Waffle

      I’ve been advocating the mattress solution for eons (if anyone was paying attention).

      • Believe in the power of quatloos.

        But seriously – if this is a plan to destroy currency, it won’t remain in one country.

        These guys are cutting their own throats.

  • simus1

    The domestic car industry is slowly evolving into something resembling a maker of quality appliances from days gone by. And like everything else, it will transition from that into a huge sales and marketing construct peddling pickup trucks from the US and cars from China.
    By that time our Lieberal Time Lords will have landed some shifty super battery maker for Chinese electric cars. Why the batteries aren’t installed in China will be deemed a hateful racist question and the person who asked it will be arrested..

  • Jaedo Drax

    Harper’s new gig is giving his opinion to clients about maximizing value and risk. One of his clients passed the memo he wrote onto CP . His clients are paying for this advice, and I would think that identifying a major risk would be a big part of his job, something that quite a few investors and companies would be paying a chunk of change for, especially since he’s trained as an economist.

    you can read the press release from a few years ago below (in part):

    Dentons is pleased to announce the Right Honourable Stephen Harper,
    the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, has affiliated with Dentons.

    Mr. Harper and his firm, Harper & Associates Consulting, will
    work out of Dentons’ Calgary office and be engaged as a consultant with
    the Firm’s worldwide team and clients. Building on his international
    experience and network as a G-7 leader, Mr. Harper will provide advice
    to clients on market access, managing global geopolitical and economic
    risk, and how to maximize value in global markets.

    “This is outstanding news for Dentons and for our clients,” said
    Elliott Portnoy, Dentons’ Global Chief Executive Officer. “Mr. Harper’s
    experience as a G-7 leader will provide invaluable perspective for our
    clients and our team.”

  • moraywatson

    I hope NAFTA disintegrates. Then Ontarians in Toronto will have to start acting like grownups, face economic reality by scrapping the Green Energy Act and dishonouring every single wind-turbine and solar ‘power’ contract. You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. Thank goodness for Donald Trump.

    • Chris

      The only way that would happen is if Ontario declared bankruptcy and someone other than the feds took control of the finances. The unions and their fellow parasites will never allow an election where the truth is actually allowed to be spoken.

  • Dave

    This is what happens when you allow a half witted fucktard to do a man’s job. But I’ll bet he’s showing off some cool (in his mind) socks.
    Sigh. Head down, ass up and pray they bring lube.We are so fucked!

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      This is what happens when you let women and faggots vote.

  • Shebel

    Even with NAFTA -Justin is playing the Violin .
    Gender Equality , Save the fucking Planet , a man is NOT a man if he feels like a women..—-
    THIS is a TRADE Deal Justin—-
    And all you are worried about is how it plays overseas.
    I guess NAFTA is done.
    May as well be—
    You are taxing us into UN- competitiveness.

    • Chris

      Justin doesn’t worry about how the loss of NAFTA would play domestically because the government owns 52% of the journalists in Canada (CBC) while the rest are lining up to receive federal grants because the traditional business model for media no longer functions so he has no worries about getting bad press. Besides, we Canadians have a well known history of just bending over for the Liberal party and taking whatever they give us.

  • DMB

    After NAFTA trade talks collapses between Canada and the USA expect this to happen!