Hateful poster campaign targets outspoken Prof. Jordan Peterson

He found one of the hateful posters on a telephone pole near his home a few nights ago.

In what is labelled a “Community Safety Bulletin,” controversial University of Toronto Prof. Jordan Peterson — now a household name for his free speech advocacy and his refusal to use genderless pronouns — is painted as someone to fear who has “open associations with neo-nazis and the alt-right” and has even been referred to as a “Nazi philosopher.”

  • 2maxpower

    let the lawsuit begin. this is one I would support.

    • Hear, hear!

      • Lightstream

        I agree and they can take their genderless pronouns and opposition to free speech and shove it up their arse!

        • They would all disappear if we stopped giving them attention.

  • Ed

    LOL. “you’re a Nazi”! Has totally become a nothing from overuse.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      No, not yet it hasn’t, as being denounced as a racist hasn’t become a “nothing”.

      • Alain

        For some of us it certainly has become a nothing, but for most people you are correct. Especially people whose business and livelihood can be ruined by the bogus accusation.

  • Linda1000

    Whoever David Cameron is at U of T, he should be shut down for his totally unacceptable Nazi campaign of posters against Mr. Peterson. I fail to see any safety threat to any community from Peterson. Its one thing to have an opinion but to actively launch a campaign of directly targeting and pseudo threatening an individual is not acceptable. I hope Peterson sues for defamation of character and registers complaints with the police and U of T administration.
    Mr. Peterson is one of the very few sane academics still teaching in the swap of Canuckistan. I really like his online lectures and he makes so much sense

    • Bla Bla

      These are the same tactics used world over where ever the communist scum infest. Doxxing, assault, murder – nothing is beyond these criminals in pursuit of their murderous utopias. I also hope that Peterson brings this to the law and does not relent until the architects of this bullshit are either a) imprisoned, or b) sued into bankruptcy…

      • Alain

        It is right out of Alinsky’s playbook.

    • Editor

      David Cameron is the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science. The poster asks lefty retards to call him to complain about Dr Peterson.

      • Linda1000

        The asshole Dean should meet up with the other idiot David Cameron in the U.K. I think the concern is safety for Peterson and his family because now the attackers of Peterson are targeting him in his own neighbourhood close to his private residence. Not acceptable coming from work colleagues like Cameron or anyone else at U of T.

  • canminuteman

    But it’s not hate when they do it. It’s all about love when they do it.

    • Bla Bla

      Heh, just like when the bolcheviks and their ilk killed millions when they usurped power… Those bastards should have hung side by side the nazis after the nuremburg trials… but alas… it never happened, and now we are forced to face them today.

  • Linda1000

    So, Sue Ann Levy concedes that alternative pronouns and bastardizing the English language are acceptable to her by writing her article using the pronouns demanded by her subject in the interview?

    • deplorabledave

      The correct pronoun is it.

      • Linda1000

        Lol. I don’t even call dogs “it”. They are either “good boys” or ” good girls”.

  • simus1

    One thing I found amazing in a very brief flirtation as a low level gofer in political campaigns years ago is how remarkably small the numbers are for day in day out party activists at the local level. The red fascists involved in slagging Dr Peterson probably run about a half dozen max under a half dozen different aliases.

    • It was an old trick of the left to create numerous organizations consisting of the same 3 or 4 cranks in order to astro-turf a given issue, same as practiced today.

  • JoKeR
  • The new Chinese Cultural Revolution in all of its vile, pernicious, petty glory.