‘Death to blasphemers’ increasing as political rallying cry in Pakistan

“Death to blasphemers! Death to blasphemers!” was a common chant of supporters of the Tehrik-e-Labaik Pakistan party at its campaign rallies in the conservative northwestern city.

  • BillyHW

    If it wasn’t for all the blasphemers they’d be building robots like the Japanese.

  • ontario john

    Death to blasphemers. We call that Motion 103 here in Sunny Ways Canada.

    • Will Quest

      I suspect sweet Liberal MP Iqra Khalid had a delightful frisson and wet her panties ohhhhh so slightly, to hear that these sweet fundamentalist Pakistanis are prepared to exterminate the vile blasphemers soiling the
      ‘Land of the Pure ‘…..

  • pdxnag

    Same as death to Islamophobes.

  • ontario john

    Its a good thing little Justin doesn’t ask what values they have, when muslims flock here from Pakistan.