Al-Shabab Stones Somali Mother of 8 to Death

Al-Shabab militants in Somalia have stoned a mother of eight to death for allegedly committing adultery.

Hundreds of residents gathered at a public square in the town of Saakow, about 400 kilometers south of Mogadishu, to watch the execution on Thursday, residents said.

In an audio posted on an al-Shabab website, an al-Shabab judge said the woman, identified as Habiba Ali Ishaq, married a second husband while already married to another man, and as a result was convicted for adultery.

  • JusticeVegas

    Lovely, the hypocritical cult of Mohammeds murder a woman for polygamy. Why are we importing these feral animals to the West?

  • Lightstream

    Why are the barbarians hiding their faces? Or is that another cultural thing they do when they’re stoning a (probably innocent) woman to death?

  • AlanUK

    What’s “Sauce for the goose” definitely is not “Sauce for the gander”.

  • HalcyonDaze

    What a bunch of goat humping, tree dwelling troglodytes. Eight kids, when the hell did she have time for adultery?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Too bad it wasnt Meryl Streep

    • Dave

      or ashley judd, madonna etc etc.

  • DMB

    Somali cultural vibrancy in action. Isn’t Canada so “fortunate” to have an immigration minister from Somalia! 🙁

  • To think that this could be our reality, too!