Vicar bans Onward Christian Soldiers hymn from Remembrance Sunday service in case it offends non-Christians

A vicar has banned the rousing Onward Christian Soldiers hymn from a Remembrance Sunday service ‘in case it offends non-Christians’.

Furious members of a Royal British Legion club are now planning to boycott the service at St Peter’s Church in Oadby, Leicestershire after the Reverend Steve Bailey banned the hymn.

Participants march into the church to the traditional hymn at the end of the service every year.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Another pencil-necked apologist facilitating the islamization of his own country. May he burn in Hell.

    • WalterBannon

      he looks gay

      • Bless his heart

        Maybe he already was groomed. And he liked it!

  • RottyLover

    SING IT ANYWAY! What’s the little sodomite going to do about it? They should march right over the top of his putrid ass.

  • simus1

    As the non Christian in charge, he should do as he pleases.
    His non Christian bosses on up the line will certainly be supportive, if in fact they didn’t instigate the whole farce from the start.

  • Micky C.

    Churches are bleeding membership and idiots like this vicar further alienates the congregation. Winning combination… for the jihad it’s.

  • Dana Garcia

    Music is one of the most inspirational aspects of Christianity and ranges from Gregorian chants to modern gospel songs. To restrict Christian music is to choke the spirit.

  • UCSPanther

    Political correctness is heresy…

  • tom_billesley

    Calling himself “Reverend Steve” is a bad sign.

  • Martin B

    Onward Christian Faggots!

    Doesn’t have the same ring to it somehow.

  • Bless his heart

    Offend the Muslims already.
    Like Muslims invading, raping, pillaging, plundering, killing, and fighting to conquer does not offend us. (That is just them practicing Sharia Law)

  • DMB

    He will feel right at home in the Church of Sweden.

  • JohnfromToronto

    Why doesn’t the Queen, the supreme governor of the Church, step in? Obviously the Archbishop of Canterbury is neutered.

  • Lightstream

    Another stupid ass! He shouldn’t be a vicar at all if he’s so sensitive to what non-Christians would think. Isn’t his business Christianity? Preaching to Christians?
    Give your head a shake man!!!