The School of Pro-Islamic Studies

Just about every Australian university now has its Islamic studies centre, relentlessly spreading the word that Muslims are the nicest people around.[1] If a minority of them aren’t so nice (suicide blasts, beheadings) it’s of course the West’s fault for being mean to Muslims historically or in failing to throw enough welfare at Muslim arrivals. Griffith University even sports a centre educating journalists on how to do Islam-friendly reporting of gory Allahu-Akbar events.[2] Sydney University’s law school has a course, “Muslim Minorities and the Law”, using a textbook authored by the lecturers and calling for elements of sharia law to be recognised in the mainstream legal system—including polygamy and a lower age of consent.

Victoria’s Deakin University is another case in point. On June 22 it put out a 140-page study, Islamic Religiosity and Challenge of Political Engagement and National Belonging in Multicultural Western Cities. As heading of the press release explained, “Muslim faith not at odds with Western beliefs, Deakin study shows”. [3] It elaborated:

Public debate that paints a negative picture of Muslims and Islamic religiosity is at odds with the peace-driven lens through which much of [my emphasis] the Muslim communities view their faith … The findings challenge the dominant public commentary that portrays Islamic beliefs as a potential security problem at odds with Western norms of democracy, secularism, liberty and individual rights.

Those hundreds of bollards now protecting Melbourne and Sydney pedestrian-ways must be to thwart homicidal Buddhists.

  • Uncommunist

    It would be kinda cool to have a website that was dedicated exclusively to supporting Buddhists …that have been attacked, beheaded, raped, sodomized and brutalized by
    600,000 rohyinga terrorists.

  • QiPo

    One way or the other the islamists will, like any parasite, burrow itself into a country. mosques, endowed chairs, politics, activist groups, charities are direct contact into the minds and lives. dawa, hudna, and other terms hide true intent by deceit. Our governments and so-called “education” systems are the first to be infected. Naturally so I suspect. Money is the blood stream of a nation. Once infected, most difficult to eradicate as both the disease AND the host fight any cure.