The Islamic State and the Limitations of Cruelty

The fate of ISIS reminds us that those who pose as superhuman savages often cannot stand up to payback by their outraged victims.

The Islamic State just lost its capital at Raqqa, and with it the last of the terrorist group’s fantasies of establishing a Middle East caliphate.

In recent years, ISIS has horrified global audiences with video clips of unspeakable atrocities. What sort of humans could behead, incinerate, drown, torture, and blow up innocent civilians, mock and record such horror, and then narrate their macabre videos for a world audience?

  • Maggat

    A simple answer to your question. Islamists.

  • Linda1000

    So, as usual, the U.S. goes in and fixes a problem in another part of the world, takes out the IS, eliminates a deadly future threat to the EU but I haven’t heard or read one word of a public acknowledement or thank you from any impotent EU leader. No, they welcome their returning barbaric jihadis home with open arms and so does Canada or our esteemed leader Justine does.

  • Hard Little Machine

    ISIS thinks small. Sure they’re savages but they’re not capable of the shit we can do. We should erase them down to the bedrock with a thermonuclear squeegee and cordon off the Arab world for the next 10,000 years until it cools off enough to re enter. ISIS is a bunch of drama queens with their cute little cameras. Oh my, a stolen truck ran down some tourists. Here’s what you do, you incinerate them until there’s nothing more than 3 inches high in the Arab world.

    • Maggat

      A bit sever, but probably very effective.