Saskatoon Catholic school division apologizes over crossword with offensive language

Jaris Swidrovich, a member of Yellow Quill First Nation, said he was “quite shocked” by the crossword puzzle, which a family member’s child brought home from the school on Monday.

Included in the puzzle was a clue reading: “This person sometimes wears a headband with feathers.” The answer listed in the crossword was “Indian.”

Another part of the crossword required the students to complete a sentence reading: “Eskimos sometimes live in an …” The answer, according to the puzzle, was “igloo.”

Can anyone explain what exactly is so offensive about this? Other than the pic of Chief Shit For Brains I mean.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Eskimoes sometimes live in a….hotel.

    • Or in pies!

    • ntt1

      I was in Winnipeg doing a show for 4 months .I was put up at the Louis Riel hotel. Apparently the upper floors were kept for medical and humanitarian use by the Dept, of Indian Affairs, Most evenings it took a while to get a free elevator as most seemed to be loaded up with laughing brown faced kids who probably had never been on an elevator before. Apparently Eskimo is a nasty term Northern Cree gave to the Inuit, it means eater of human flesh and is kinda frowned on nowadays Inuit just means people(who love elevators)

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        That Cree etymology is supposedly wrong. Supposedly, “Eskimo” just meant people that ate raw meat in Cree, but the word might not even be Cree, and might have something to do with the wearing snow shoes.
        As a white man, I find the entire name and concept of “First Nations” wildly offense.
        Think they will give that name up because a white person is offended?
        Yeah, me neither.

        • ntt1

          I have taken to objecting whenever a politician burbles about “this meeting being on unceded fuckrwee land” By demanding why we are still paying taxes to him/her First nation just means earlier immigrant.

        • Lightstream

          I find the name and concept of “first nations” offensive as well.

          I read a while back that the Indians drove the Eskimos out of their lands in the forest (the Eskimos called the forest the land of the sticks), into the ice and snow. Maybe the Eskimos were here first and what about the Kennewick man? :

          The discovery of Kennewick Man adds a major piece of evidence to an alternative view of the peopling of North America. It, along with other evidence, suggests that the Jōmon or related peoples were the original settlers of the New World. If correct, the conclusion upends the traditional view that the first Americans came through central Asia and
          walked across the Bering Land Bridge and down through an ice-free corridor into North America.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Nobody has told the Eskimos in Alaska that their name is racist yet.

    • pettifog

      but it’s up to white people to instruct them what is racist or not. According to progressives, they’re not smart enough to know.

      • Cripes, the whiny left just can’t figure it out. Everyone hates them.

  • ntt1

    Of course cross word puzzles themselves impose A Christian overtone on puzzle lovers . There have been several abortive attempts to create a more PC crescent word puzzle but all the clues tended to be variations on “i kill you.”

  • simus1

    Grade three?
    This would be more like grade 9 or 10 homework for budding SJWs elsewhere in the ancestral tribal lands of the great eastern Lieberal Confederal Moochie-Mouchies.

  • Linda1000

    So why does the “Chief Shit for Brains” get to wear an expensive Indian head dress?

  • Oracle9

    Even lefties are getting pissed off with this madness.

  • ontario john

    Conrad Black has a good story at the National Post on the whiny indian issue.

  • Alain

    A basic and accurate rule of life is that if you expect and are looking to be offended, you will be offended. I rest my case.

  • DMB
  • I’m waiting for the part when I care. People who sit around all day on my dime waiting for things to offend them shouldn’t expect me to be concerned.