Mute Inglorious Meryls?

Just to begin with: Jimmy Stewart may have been the exception that proved the rule. In his movies, he embodied all-American decency and quiet courage. But for once the image wasn’t just Hollywood hokum, as it was, and is, with so many other movie stars. On the contrary, the real-life Jimmy Stewart was even more awesome than the one on screen. He was a war hero who led bombing missions over Germany and who, after his return to motion pictures, included in his studio contracts a clause forbidding any mention of his wartime heroics in movie publicity. Highly respected by his military colleagues for his unwavering courage, humility, and deep concern for his men’s well-being, he remained in the Air Force reserve and ultimately rose to the rank of brigadier general.

  • Clink9

    “Implicit in all this was that their ability to stand in front of cameras and pretend to be somebody else put them on a higher moral plane than a man who’d constructed iconic buildings, created a billion-dollar business, and gotten himself elected president.”


    • The Liberal-left harbour the delusion that they hold the moral high ground on all issues. This burgeoning scandal which has spread throughout the chattering classes and the even more wretched fashion industry highlights the extent of their collective narcissism.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I don’t get the Meryl Mythos. I really don’t. She plays the same character over and over and over. The challenge is making the Meryl fit into whatever movie they need her to headline to sell tickets and accolades. And as possibly the least feminine, most sexless, androgynous, un charismatic person in Hollywood she’s never been on the receiving end of sexual aggression. Or maybe she has, and didn’t know it. What I do know is that she’s never NOT acting. She’s never NOT portraying a role. She’s like a robot or a space alien imitating human life.

    • Beats me too. I have never said or ever will say “Oh I must see Streep’s new flick”.

    • Will Quest

      A bitch & her gawd ……. { Meryl once referred to Harvie as god }
      that picture speaks a million words …..

  • Lightstream

    I didn’t know that about James Stewart. It’s a Wonderful Life is one of our family’s favorite Christmas movies.