James Toback’s Explosive First Statement: Accusers Are Either ‘A Lying C***sucker or C*** or Both

In a truly shocking article from The Rolling StoneJames Toback has finally released a statement about the myriad of sexual misconduct allegations levied against him. The article is interesting to say the least and documents Toback calling up the reporter on three separate occasions, chastising the reporter for his “rude questions,” and calling his accusers “lying c*cksuckers or c**ts.”

  • Jabberwokk

    Sucks don’t it?

  • DaninVan

    ‘So, James; when did you first start having these coprolalia episodes? Have you noticed an increase in frequency? What seems to trigger these episodes?’

  • seaoh

    Ok if his accusers are cock suckers how would he know unless the charges are true?

  • Uncommunist

    Hoist meet petard

  • favill

    I believe he’s attempting the Trump tactic of calling them out and doubling down…but he forgets one REALLY important point in this tactic…he must actually be innocent of the things he’s purported of doing.

  • Hard Little Machine

    That’s funny because it’s technically true. The lack of self awareness is hilarious