Iranian-Backed Militias Are Helping Fight ISIS, And That’s A Huge Problem

Iranian religious fighters see the fight against ISIS as a great way to subjugate the Sunni areas of Iraq and bring them under Iran’s influence and even control.

We have a Shia militia problem in Iraq. By we, I mean the United States, the Kurds, the Sunni citizens, and any Iraqis who don’t favor Iran paying for and leading sectarian slaughter.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Not only do I have no problem with Muzzy sectarian Slaughter I’m all for it. The more of each other they kill the better it is. So long as they don’t do it here.

    • canminuteman

      Yep, there are no good guys there, Sunnis and Shia might hate eat other, but they both hate us. The more time they spend killing each other is time they are not getting together to gang up on us.

  • DMB

    These proxy wars are merely prolonging the enviable which is an all out full scale Sunni Shiite war largely between Iran and its allies vs Saudi Arabia and its allies. A war between these two sects of Islam will be all out devastating to the point were the most optimistic prediction for who will win is a Pyrrhic victory for either side. This would be the best result that would occur for human civilization as a whole.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The best result would be the overthrow of the Iranian theocracy. If secular Persian nationalists took control of Iran’s nuclear program, it would not necessarily be a bad thing.

      • DMB

        A weaker Iran would bring upon a stronger Saudi Arabia the world’s leading exporter in Islamic terrorism. Saudi Arabia actually fears Iran more than Israel not to mention hates Iran more. I would love to see Iran and Saudi Arabia DESTROY each other. The world would be a better place without these two nations.

  • simus1

    After the First Gulf War, Papa George should have created a weak federated iraq tristate made up of strong solid ministates for the shias, sunnis, and Kurds plus expelled all the sadam husein controlled sunni settlers imposed on the Kurds and shia back to their tribal homeland. Instead he listened to the borders of a unitary iraq are sacred UN and State Dept loons and welcome to today’s ongoing mess.

    • tom_billesley

      As if the borders weren’t an ad-hoc fabrication of British and French diplomacy after the fall of the Ottoman regime.

      • simus1

        Yes. The present day sultan along with turks in general would have been more than a bit unhappy at the prospect back then of a sovereign Kurdistan being set up so close to their very restive Kurd brothers inside turkey.

        • DVult

          Not to mention the Assyrians whose land the Kurds are intent on stealing.

  • ISIS is just going to be replaced with something more regimented but also worse.

  • tom_billesley

    Iran may want to stay. After all, the capital of the Parthian Empire was at Ctesiphon near the future site of Baghdad and remained there until the fall of the succeeding Sassanian Empire to the Arabs nearly 7 centuries later.