Ban the Burqa: Gatineau father accused of ‘honour-based’ violence against daughter

A Gatineau man is accused of “honour-based” violence against his daughter for not wearing her hijab in public.

Police say the teenager told authorities she had suffered repeated violence by her father for more than a year. And when he learned that his daughter was removing her hijab as soon as left the family home, the violence escalated.

Police spokesperson Jean-Paul Lemay said this was the first such case in Gatineau and encouraged any other women who might be victims of similar behaviour to come forward.

Islam is a horrid, violent cult. Why do dangerous idiots like our politicians lie about it?

  • Editor

    But Law 62 is racist because wearing the hijab/chador/burka is a woman’s choice.

    • Linda1000

      All those idiot non-muslim women in Quebec must be so proud of themselves for supporting muslim women in their demands of the right to wear niqabs. Yeah, it’s always a great choice. /s

  • Why do idiots like our “progressive” politicians lie about Islam?


    Like children’s fantasy, they simply speak about what they know nothing about.

    Considering Islam is the biggest threat facing the world today, progressives fail the competence test.

    • simus1

      Vote whores gravitate to the most violent ethnic and religious leaders. It simplifies their lives a lot if the “x” number of votes promised come in close at election time to what has been on offer. And there is the mutual understanding and backscratching each side feels comfortable with.

  • tom_billesley

    There’s a school near me where parents drop hijab-clad teenage girls off and watch until they have entered the school. Unbeknownst to the parents, some girls carry different clothing which they change into in the school restroom then skip classes to hang about with friends in the city centre shopping area. They return to school and don their hijab before a parent arrives to collect them. Fun will find a way.

    • Alain

      However far too often that fun comes with the cost of being “honour killed”.

  • ECM

    Why do idiots like our “progressive” politicians lie about Islam?:

    1. Power, both electorally and in being able to tell the majority what to do since, like all bullies, they know the majority won’t push-back until it’s too late to matter.
    2. Money.
    3. Hoping the crocodile devours them last.

    (Not necessarily in that order.)

  • Will Quest

    Progressives call a brazenly immodest form of dress , ” MODESTY” …..
    The burka is a vulgar walking bill-board , a crass neon sign of one’s absolute radical ideological beliefs, it screams of a supremacist , totalitarian ideological beliefs that gratuitously spits at western values… modesty my A$$ ……
    Someone in the HOC needs to ask Ms. Monsef, minister on the status of women her feelings on the ongoing controversy over Bill-62 currently being debated in the Liberal majority National Assembly of Québec . Purportedly an ‘ Afghani’ immigrant, I suspect , Maryam , surely has a unique perspective on the forced shrouding of females , which was endemic, systematic and state sponsored in her purported country of origin …. Let’s hear that ‘diversity ‘ argument, that cultural-enriching spin & the ‘ ultra-feminist ‘ sweet CHAT on how exquisite, elegant, graceful that attire is , and the pure ‘liberation’ , ‘enlightenment’ and ’empowerment’ this garment affords women. How is it that in 21 century western society putting women in death shrouds is considered an altruistic act of pure beneficence .

    • Lightstream

      This is a practice started by outlying tribes so their men wouldn’t lust after their property (the woman). There is nothing in the koran saying a woman has to be wearing this type of clothing or a scarf on her head. Check out this translation of a verse in the koran :

      The Arabic word for CHEST, GAYB is in the verse (24:31), but the Arabic
      words for HEAD, (RAAS) or HAIR, (SHAAR) are NOT in the verse. The
      commandment in the verse is clear – COVER YOUR CHEST OR BOSOMS, but also the fabrication of the scholars and most of the translators is clear by
      claiming- cover your head or hair.

      Note the word fabrication in the last sentence.
      It’s a barbaric custom that should be illegal.