Refugee system even worse than thought

The Canadian government is knowingly letting criminals into our country.That’s not an opinion; it’s a fact, and one that the Trudeau government openly admits.

Last week, I wrote a column about Canada’s biometric security system, and how it failed to stop a Somali national with an outstanding U.S. deportation order from entering Canada.

  • Observer

    That’s not a flaw of the Liberal system, that was one of the major features they designed in.

  • Waffle

    24 months is way too long. Oh, wait. They have a majority. Could be 30 months.

    Will anything be left to salvage?

    Each day brings a new horror, a new revelation. I dread turning on the computer but, like an addict, I can’t.

    Oh Canada. Who stands on guard for thee?

    • Reader

      Not our politicians.

      Expect the debt to be run up even more to buy votes for the 2019 election campaign from every possible special interest group except “old stock” Canadians.

    • Maggat

      Turdeau of course. Who else could we possible want?

  • All votes come at a cost. So a migrant ran a cop down. At least some Liberal is making political hay out of it.

  • DMB

    It is becoming blatantly obvious to me that the most targeted enemy of all governments around the world especially in the west is countries own people. Right now the European Union and Canada have declared WAR on its own citizens.

    • Canadian Born

      You are completely right, and we are standing by and letting it happen. I voted Conservative and I feel my conscience is clear. What Liberal voters have done to this country is totally pathetic. I am almost 70 and disabled ,not worried for myself but my concern is my grandchildren and that makes me sick!