Police appeal for witnesses after ‘radical transgender activists who compare traditional feminists to Nazis beat up a 60-year-old woman

Police are today hunting for three people wanted over an assault at a transgender rights event in Hyde Park.

Maria MacLachlan, 60, was punched in the face and knocked to the ground at Speakers’ Corner on September 23 by suspects including one clutching a ‘trans misogyny is still misogyny’ placard.

The mother-of-two, who describes herself as a ‘gender critical feminist’, was attacked at a ‘gender recognition talk’ in central London last month.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Why can’t we all just get along?

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      The leftists “diversity and conquer” model is finally coming back to get them.

  • canminuteman
  • deplorabledave

    Their stewing in their own vile juices.

  • ntt1

    its like the plot of a 50s monster flick, the mad doctor having flaunted every natural law then creates a monster that ends up turning on him. This is what is happening in the reactionary left, their carefully nurtured identity groups are turning vicious.

  • I am disgusted that anyone would strike a sixty year old but then I realise that these people bring heart-ache on themselves:

    “The mother-of-two, who describes herself as a ‘gender critical
    feminist’, was attacked at a ‘gender recognition talk’ in central London …”

    • Linda1000

      What in the he’ll is a “gender critical feminist”. Too many diverse gender labels these days when I don’t count more than two.

      • It’s a fancy label for someone who has no meaning in his or her life.

        • Frances

          Actually, it’s a label for a women who, while identifying as a feminist, also believes genetics determine who is a woman and should be allowed in places such as women’s change rooms and bathrooms. Relatively sane, as these things go.

          • She gave herself a label. She’s nutters.

          • Frances

            Probably; but less nutters than her attackers. They’re totally bat-shit crazy.

          • One degree less than her attackers.

        • felis gracilis

          Even Kafka couldn’t have figured out what those terms mean.

  • Malcolm Y

    Marxists used to talk about the contradictions inherent in capitalism.

    But what is more contradictory than “Diversity”, with many possibilities and at the same time a unifying principle? The problem is that the unifying principle changes from day to day i.e. the meaning of “Diversity” – how many races, how many kinds/classes of “gender”? And if you don’t know or disagree with the latest party line you’re a Nazi.

    In the 20s – 40s stalinists used to have to read The Daily Worker to find out what they believed that day. A hero of the state yesterday; today could be a running dog lackey of the imperialists.