One in five Canadians is immigrant, highest in 95 years

Figures released by Canada’s statistics agency on Wednesday give a snapshot from the 2016 national census of the country’s increasing diversity and growing share of newcomers.

  • Gary

    I pointed out earlier this year that Toronto was now a majority non-white City and it’s a majority non-Canadian background.
    Yesterday a radio show had a debate about this and Canada morphing into a International Hotel which has Guests from around the World that want to live by THEIR cultural morals or religion .

    Liberals can’t see the dangers of a Nation where Citizens are the Minority and how every Election will be about appeasing foreigners . There is NO diversity in the wealthy White Liberal neighbourhoods of Toronto while Justin’s house and cottage is in a 99% white non-muslim area where people send their children to private schools and the servants do the shopping and take public transit.

    Justin’s lucky because every Global Village needs an idiot.

  • DaninVan

    Who let the big eared guy in the blue suite in?

  • Sid Falco

    The saddest part is that, for all the bullshit about New Canadians™ I think, based on personal experience of socialising and playing sports with immigrants (particularly from Pakistan/Bangladesh and – to a lesser extent – India) that if you gave them all green cards 90% of them would leave for America tomorrow and not look back. They don’t give a flying fuck about Canada and they never will.

  • Liberal Progressive

    This must be good because all white people are inherently evil and racist unlike everybody else!