Most Australians believe the country is FULL and almost half support a ban on Muslim immigration

…Some 54 per cent want Australia to cut its annual immigrant intake of about 190,000 people and 48 per cent backed a partial ban on Muslim immigration.

However, another 27 per cent were undecided about a partial ban, while a quarter opposed it.

The strongest support for the partial ban came from One Nation voters (89 per cent), with more than 50 per cent of Liberal voters agreeing and just over a third of Labor supporters.

‘The willingness to take a tough, discriminating stance on Muslim immigration is not limited to a small minority, but extends to almost half of all voters,’ the report said.

More than half of those surveyed feared Australia risked losing its culture and identity, with a similar number saying it had changed beyond recognition and sometimes ‘felt like a foreign country’.

  • ntt1

    i have to buy local whole carcass lamb now due to both Australian and new Zealand lamb going halal. I won’t give up lamb but I will not support terror by supporting halal certification.

    • Linda1000

      Apart from being more expensive, what’s wrong with local lamb. I would think it tastes better than Australian lamb? Cdn. beef tastes better than Austin beef, I think so anyway.

      • Alain

        Thank you for pointing that out.

      • ntt1

        Pemberton lamb is easily some of the best tasting, the problem is all the by cuts, there is indeed sausage and unusual cuts can be surprisingly good. I like most of them but the trimmings and trimmed out bone is threatening to drown me in Scotch Broth

  • Dana Garcia

    More and more, I’ve come to think immigration is entirely negative in this time of easy travel.

    Why would anyone stay home and do the hard work of political reform when they can just move to someplace nice?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I don’t believe Australia is full, but I do believe in limiting immigration to those who share Australian values.