ISIS post caliphate: who’s left, and where they are

OCTOBER 25, 2017 WASHINGTON—The fall of the self-styled caliphate carved out by the so-called Islamic State in Syria and Iraq has been nearly as spectacular and swift as its rise.

ISIS-held cities and towns on both sides of the Syrian-Iraqi border have fallen like dominoes since Iraq announced the liberation of the northern city of Mosul in July. Iraqi forces took nearby Tal Afar at the end of August, completing that battle in less than a fortnight. And clearing ISIS from Hawijah, its last urban stronghold in Iraq, took barely a day.

  • mobuyus

    There’s a few of em hiding out in Canada’s parliament.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The only way forward is to employ a level of jaw dropping violence that will leave them reeling for a thousand years. We need to leave them with a story that becomes hardcoded in the the texts of their faith. We need to hit them so hard it re writes future history. Anything else is wasting our time. Every day in Israel some Arab or another screams ‘Nakba’. We need to give them a punishment that’s so severe people compare it to the Black Death.

  • canminuteman

    Where are they? Likely living in Regents Park, St James Town and Islamissauga in government housing collecting welfare while they plan out the most efficient way to kill us would be my guess.

  • Whee should they be? Six feet under.