German police find guns, ammunition in raid of suspected Islamist militant

German police confiscated large amounts of guns and ammunition in a Tuesday evening sweep of four locations in Berlin linked to a 40-year-old German man suspected of belonging to militant Islamist circles, police said on Wednesday.

  • Gary

    So because he’s a muslim the media calls him a suspect. But when a fake Vandalism is done to a mosque by the Imam the media calls it racism and islamophobia even with NO suspect arrested by the Police.
    Fake islamophobia is a hate-crime with no person arrested…but a muslim detained that has a cache of weapons and ammo at home is innocent and just a suspect.

    We’re screwed if this keeps up because 99% of the jihad plots or jihadists don’t get reported which infers the West is safe , then we have the 99% fake hate-crimes that the media causes people to infer they are real acts of racism even when muslims are NOT a race of people.

  • UCSPanther

    How’s that gun control working for you now, Germany?

  • Lyle Smyth

    I wish I could afford all that ammo!