Fatah: Burkas, niqabs pose public safety risk

The slur of “racism” has been hurled at Muslims who support Quebec’s Bill 62 — the new law banning face coverings, for example the burka and niqab, when giving or receiving government services.

From Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne to Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown, many white politicians and liberal media commentators have been quick to label any support of Bill 62 racist.

Since I, a Muslim, support Bill 62, I guess that makes me a racist.

  • Liberal Progressive

    He’s an Islamophobe!

    • Damn right.

      • Observer

        Should he be publicly stoned for his blasphemy, or is that not the law yet?

  • Dana Garcia

    What race is islam, pray tell?


    I keep reminding myself that half the population is below average, but it doesn’t always work.

    • Observer

      And I keep reminding people they are a race; A race back to the Seventh Century! 🙂

  • Linda1000

    Fatah has 100% more courage than any of our white cowardly, deceitful politicians in Canada like Trudope, Wynn, Brown, Nutley, etc. to speak out as a Muslim in support of the niqab ban.
    I would like to ask all these white politicians or even the brown, black ones who say I’m racist for supporting the ban on muslim garb, how many colors do you have in your extended families related to you by blood? I have four – white, brown, red and yellow so fuck you asswipe Cdn. politicians and anyone else for calling me a racist.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I’m with you Linda. I have the same configuration in my family. my Children all carry First Nations blood. My sister is a proud auntie of a beautiful black niece and nephews. My brother has a Chinese wife with part packistan son from his first wife. Were just a normal Canadian family.

  • Barrington Minge

    More of a health risk given the rats hiding under them.

  • There is a reason why a few Islamic countries ban them.