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LV Shooter’s Laptop Recovered but Missing Hard Drive, Investigators Baffled

The investigation into the infamous Las Vegas attack has just taken one of its most bizarre turns — and in a situation where almost none of the official story makes much sense, that’s saying a lot.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that a laptop recovered from the hotel suite of accused shooter Stephen Paddock is completely missing its hard drive.

The laptop was expected to provide important clues about Paddock’s motivation, or perhaps direct evidence of what led up to the shooting from inside the Mandalay Bay hotel room.

“Paddock is believed to have removed the hard drive before fatally shooting himself, and the missing device has not yet been recovered,” ABC News reported.

Like a high school fiction assignment.

Dalhousie withdraws complaint against student leader for ‘white fragility’ post

Dalhousie University is withdrawing a complaint against a student leader who criticized “white fragility.”

The Halifax university had faced a stiff backlash for launching the formal disciplinary process against Masuma Khan for a profane Facebook post, igniting fierce debate about free speech, inclusion and equity on campus.

Arig al Shaibah, vice-provost of student affairs, said Wednesday the university’s code of conduct may not place two core institutional values — freedom of speech and the prevention of demeaning and intimidating behaviour — in sufficient and proper context.

Switch the words to complain about her race and see what happens.

Daesh in disguise of women killed 15 Taliban in Jawzjan

Taliban insurgents targeted after two Daesh fighters in an unparalleled act of disguising in women Burqa, opened fire and killed 15 of them, provincial official said.

While confirming the incident, Aminullah, district governor of Qushtepa district, said two fighters loyal to the Daesh militants opened fire on group of Taliban insurgents who gathered in Chaqma-Choqor village, killing 15.

To escape identification, the Daesh fighters were on women Burqa with hiding weapons under it, he added.

Yet people still think Quebec’s niqab ban is racist.

New Census Finds That ‘Average Canadian’ Looks Like Anyone In The World

Increasingly, the face of the average Canadian is anything but average.

There was plenty of diversity on display in Wednesday’s deposit of Statistics Canada census data, including 250 different ethnic origins across the country, and hints of more to come: visible minorities could comprise fully one-third of Canadians by 2036 as immigration drives population growth not just in the cities, but across the country.

True. Most of the world is brown.

Goodbye To The Greats: Push To Erase Major Accomplishments By White Men Continues At Cambridge

The prestigious Cambridge University in England is being encouraged to replace Caucasian authors with black writers following demands by a student campaign to “decolonize” English classes.

Following new guidance provided by the English Faculty’s Teaching Forum, professors in Cambridge have been told to “ensure the presence” of black and minority ethnic (BAME) authors in their courses.