Christie Blatchford: IT chief sought access to all computers in McGuinty’s office, gas plants trial told

TORONTO — Ontario’s senior IT bureaucrat asked his tech people for sweeping “administrative rights” that allowed a user access and the ability to delete or manipulate data on 90 computers in former premier Dalton McGuinty’s office.

The bombshell came Wednesday in testimony at the criminal trial of former McGuinty chief of staff David Livingston and former deputy chief of staff Laura Miller.

  • Gary

    Liberals will offer FREE day care and create a new Holiday for the 1,000,000+ public sector employees which is a paid day off where BROWN immigrants will make their Coffee at the Drive-Thru’s or work at the fats Food outlets on the way to the Cottage on a 4-day Holiday as they book the Monday or Friday off as a sick day .
    They will also promise to fund Madrassa’s and allow Sharia Courts plus a Mosque in every public school .

    • And they’ll win because of it.

      • k2

        Do they ever ask themselves whether the province and society that they are creating is even worth winning? I rather doubt it….

  • Alain

    Good lord, why exactly is it a criminal trial of former McGuinty chief of staff and not of McGuinty. That fact alone says all one needs to know about the profound rot. Whatever the former chief of staff did, he clearly and most certainly did it on the orders of McGuinty himself. I am not excusing the guy, but do wake up folks.

  • Again, where are the riots over this?

    • felis gracilis


      • I guess that’s not how things are done here.

        • felis gracilis

          Not much different here, OK. Our premier announced today we will knuckle under to the Justin carbon tax and I don’t see anyone tearing up the streets. I guess we’re just grateful he didn’t go as far as the enviroloonies were asking.