A UK Police Department Propagandizes for Islam

When crime climbs beyond control, don’t fight it – whitewash it!

Lincolnshire is a largely rural, even isolated county at the far eastern end of the British Midlands. It is heavily Conservative and voted “Leave” in last year’s EU referendum by a margin of almost two to one. Its largest city, Lincoln, has a population of 120, 000, roughly equivalent to that of Fargo and less than half that of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Yet even in this quiet corner of the U.K., Islam is a headline story.

  • Starlord

    Why do they cover up and embrace it. I know people that left it. Any sane person would never join it. I pity the ones who have been filled with crap since birth but there is nothing good with this ideology

  • tom_billesley

    Desert garb, desert minds.