Why Moslems Cannot Assimilate Into Canada, America, Europe and Western Countries

“Canadian leader Justin Trudeau is using Muslims, people who do not understand Western values, and would have no interest in such values even if they did understand them, as a means of asserting control over his own compatriots, Canadians — Westerners. In that sense, Trudeau is betraying his country.”

  • Liberal Progressive

    But they’re just like us and want the very same things!

    I know that because Justin Trudeau, the CBC, Toronto Star, PBS, New York Times, CNN and Washington Post have told me so!

    • John Boy

      Other than that “all must submit to Islam”, that non-muslims are third-class dhimmi a lower class than even their women and must pay them a jiyza tax, and that jihad kill the infidel thing.

  • occupant 9

    Let’s not lay this solely at the door of the current PM. Harper also increased Muhammadan invasion and Jason Kenny used to brag about his acceleration of family reunification.

    No, this goes back to the change in our immigration source nations begun under Papa Doc Trudeau and maintained by every subsequent gov’t since. There are a lot of people to fault here within senior civil service … who must have names.

    And through it all, not once were “Canadians” directly asked about changing source nations and how that would be akin to losing all the wars we fought to maintain our way of life.

  • simus1

    “Betraying his country”
    The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Alain

    The reason why they do not assimilate or integrate is irrelevant in my view. The only thing that matters, and it matters very much, is that Muslims never integrate, much less assimilate, any place they go. We are in dire need of a political party or even a lone politicians with the courage to demand of those supporting the imporation of Muslims to name a single non Muslim country in the world that Muslims have entered and live in peace with the citizens of the same host country. I know I am asking a way too much in this era when the same political parties and politicians are afraid of stating a simple biological fact that only two sexes, male and female, exist, and that gender is a linguistic term not applicable to people, animals or plants.

    • Lightstream

      Politicians sicken me. They’re a new class of stupid.

    • k1992

      Singapore might be an exception, from the little I’ve read. Also, nearly all (but not all) muslims in Israel seem to have had the brains to realize that butchering their fellow (non-muslim) citizens might not be in their best interest, and so are relatively quiescent. Also, Russia, for the time being at least – one wonders about long term – seems to keep its muslim population cowed through sheer force and intimidation.

  • Chris

    The problem with this is that the muslims are using Trudeau even more than he is using them.

  • Gary

    The lesbian Premier of Ontario has a devout muslim that is the Attorney General . This makes sense for why Wynne and John Tory refused to condemn that jew-hating Mosque near Yonge and Dundas and why the police allow the islamic Dawah booth near by to hand out imported Qurans that sanction murdering gays as a favour to allah.
    There is also those books at the Dawah booth titled ‘ How to beat your wife ‘ , then we have the Muslim Cops nearby that harass the Pastors but don’t go near the Imam that call women sluts and deserve to be raped if they don’t were a burka.

    I just hope I’m still alive to see Wynne tossed off the CN Tower by her islamist buddies once she no longer has value for their cause and is just an evil QUEER that offends allah.
    In Calgary that gay muslim Mayor allowed a Pro-Hamas jew-hating group of muslims to hold a rally where I saw how women were put at the front as shields while several have children in the front of them as shields.
    These are sick people where mothers think nothing of strapping a bomb on to their own child if it’s for allahs cause to kill us unbelievers. I won’t be shocked when the gay-bars start to see suicide bombers go in to do Jihad , I also won’t care because gays are now aligned with the islamists by the shared hatred for jews and the West.