US restarts stricter refugee program, 11 countries still banned

The US will once again accept refugees after a 120-day ban on admissions lapsed on Tuesday, with new arrivals facing stricter security screening, US officials have announced.

Arrivals from 11 nations will, however, remain blocked from entry, pending a 90-day review on implementing even stricter screening measures. The new state of affairs came after US President

Donald Trump signed a presidential decree late Tuesday to replace one that expired that day.

Authorities have declined to specify the 11 countries on the temporary ban list, but said they matched a 2015 list for tougher screening, requiring a “Security Advisory Opinion.”

  • Dana Garcia

    The refugee program is just another scam to relocate undesirable diversity around the world. And we in the west are forced to take thousands of chopper muslims while Saudi A. takes ZERO of their beloved co-religionists. We are suckers.

    The US should resign.

  • k1962

    If they cannot get to the U.S. they cannot walk to Canada. A win/win for both countries.