Trudeau “Not Impressed” With Quebec’s Explanation of Bill 62

I’m sure people stay up all night thinking of how to sway a former substitute drama teacher:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared incredulous Wednesday at Quebec’s efforts to clear up confusion surrounding its law on religious neutrality, which is widely seen as targeting Muslim women who wear face veils.

The province’s justice minister said last week Bill 62 would oblige people riding a bus or the subway to do so with their face uncovered for the entire journey.

On Tuesday, however, Stephanie Vallee backtracked, saying only those whose fare requires a card with photo ID will need to uncover their face before riding public transit — and that they can put the veil back on once they’ve been identified.

Asked specifically in Ottawa about Vallee’s clarifications, Trudeau replied: “You call those clarifications?”  

Yes, Justin, she does, because she is an educated Westerner in what should be a First World Western country that eschews the eradication of identity based on how girlish one is.

His efforts to appear to be in charge only underscore his impotence and pandering.

  • WalterBannon

    Canada “Not Impressed” With Trudeau

    • How could anyone be?

    • Tooth&Claw

      I wish he’d fricking die already.

  • ontario john

    Is he wearing his sad socks today. Canadians want to know.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓
    • DVult

      There should be a website called where we could find out which socks dear leader is wearing or planning to wear so we could also obtain and wear the same socks on that same day or week or whatever.

      • Alain

        No, I think not, because next would be a call from the Liberal PR branch, the MSM, claiming that Canadians also want to know what design and colour of underwear “he” wears. Do NOT encourage them.

        • DVult

          I was thinking after posting that some crazy Liberal might actually think that to be a good idea.

          • DVult

            Note that I wasn’t accusing you of being a Liberal. A vile insult indeed.

          • Alain

            No worry I didn’t take it that way. Still being accused of being a Liberal would be a change from being accused of being a far-right wing extremist.

    • Watchman

      Is he wearing the socks that are emblazoned with a “right hand grab here” and a “left hand grab here”, or does he only wear those when visting mosques and the UN?

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Justin needs another mosque appearance!
    How many has he had as PM?

    • DVult

      He’s taking a chance leaving those high priced shoes unattended out front.

    • Alain

      He has a difficult task trying to fit in mosque appearances and also marching in every “Pride” event.

      • DVult

        How do you get Justin Trudeau out of your back yard? Throw a Gay Parade in your front yard.

  • David Murrell

    Canada’s hard-left Supreme Court will rule against Quebec’s anti-face covering rule. It will be interesting to see if Quebec will use the notwithstanding clause to protect the new law. Quebec used it to protect its French only laws.

    • I want to Trudeau to attempt this.

      He will lose in Quebec.

    • Will Quest

      It’s all about submission to every fetish izzzlam has deemed sacrosanct , imposing it’s ‘values’ on the gawdless West .
      Just-in is concerned that no one should dictate what a woman can wear , yet a backward totalitarian ideology has the right to impose strict edicts an the veiling of women and imposing them , many izzzlamic states impose veiling of women by force of the state ….

  • marty_p

    Read the comments on the Yahoo page link. I can only hope they are a representative sample of the Canadian population’s views on Turdeau and the Niqab issue

  • Watchman

    A search has failed to locate any Trudeau public displeasure with Morocco which bans production or wearing of niqabs or burkas.

  • Tooth&Claw

    These niqabed women want to be treated as invisible. I say do just that. They can stay unidentifiable and unacknowledged in their walking tents.