Today Is The Day That “All The Conservatives on The Internet are Ruining Democracy” Stories Run

This story however IS TRUE and also is something we needed to do 10-years ago, but better late than never, right?

The ‘keeping of lists’ has begun!

Government lists have a sordid history in America. From Joseph McCarthy’s “list of communists” in the 1950s, to Richard Nixon’s “enemies list,” lists of political opponents have been used to damage reputations and ruin lives. While at one time these types of lists could be used only by the politically-powerful and well-connected, the internet has made it easy for anyone with a computer to compile an enemies list.

A recent and troubling example involves the online message board 4chan. A group of 4chan-using Trump supporters obtained the names of those who signed a petition on and highlighted it online for their members to see. The group has continued to add to the list, and 4chan users are now connecting names of the signatories to their social media accounts and participation in political groups, a potential prelude to doxing or other forms of harassment.

The internet has allowed for crowdsourcing of this labor- and data-intensive work, dramatically simplifying the task. With hundreds of people working together, thousands are at risk of having their privacy invaded and personal information shared among internet trolls intending to harass.

  • simus1

    So when their relatives and DemocRat political operatives try to sneak these brilliant young red fascists into well paid do nothing gubmint jobs, all will be revealed?
    That’s just terrible ! ! !

  • occupant 9

    Frothing at the mouth because what you do to destroy others is being done to you.

  • Clausewitz

    After gaining access to the Russian Archives we found out that McCarthy was right, Nixon was paranoid because of the way he was shafted in 60 when all of the dead in Chicago voted Democrat, and not a single mention of Obama’s and Hillary’s “Enemies” lists. Yeah this wasn’t too one sided.