The Daily Californian Accuses Russian Trolls Spreading ‘Diversity’ (That’s the plural of DIVISIVE, right?) at UC Berkeley

Russian Troll Farms Control Your Thoughts

Wow! They finally admitted (okay in an unintended and oblique way) that diversity REALLY IS divisive!

A now-defunct twitter account run by a Russian propaganda organization spread divisive tweets about UC Berkeley to its more than 100,000 followers last spring, during the time when Ann Coulter and other conservative speakers were scheduled to appear on campus.

The account, @TEN_GOP, was run by the Internet Research Agency, a pro-Kremlin “troll farm” whose about 100 employees spread propaganda through various online sources. Twitter has since shut down @TEN_GOP, which masqueraded as a platform representing the Republican Party in Tennessee.

Tweets from @TEN_GOP about UC Berkeley included a string of heated tweets in response to Coulter cancelling her speech on campus. @TEN_GOP applauded conservative activists and condemned the campus.

“Well done! Proud of all you Patriots! #BerkeleyProtest,” read one tweet, in response to a protester reading Coulter’s speech at a campus rally. “So, the president of Mexico is allowed to speak at Berkeley but an American citizen is banned? Seriously, this is infuriating,” read another tweet from the account.

Former ASUC president and UC Berkeley graduate William Morrow said the ability of foreign propaganda organizations to spread misinformation through accounts like @TEN_GOP has serious implications for both the campus and the country.

“It’s easy to write off the significance of these accounts,” Morrow said. “But if just one of those (violent protestors) became radicalized because of misinformation from these accounts and decided that they needed to show up and be violent in response, then that has huge impacts on not just student life and safety, but on the nature of our democracy.”