Students accused of ‘hatred’ for defending traditional marriage

Leaders of the Georgetown University “Pride” student group are demanding that student government cut all funding and benefits for Love Saxa, a pro-traditional marriage group.

Love Saxa’s opponents claim that the group is ineligible because its mission fosters “hatred and intolerance” by insisting that marriage should be “a monogamous and permanent union between a man and a woman.”

  • LauraS

    Just once–just ONCE–I would LOVE to see a university proactively expel students who belong to radical groups with an intolerance for ideas that run counter their own. These people do not belong at any university. How amazing would it be for a university president to expel the students saying their behaviour is in opposition to the values of the university?

    Sadly, universities are no longer places where people go to debate ideas, challenge their world views, and broaden their horizons, so it will never happen. But, a girl can dream!

  • k1992

    The usual leftist trick of accusing others of doing precisely what they themselves are doing. So, according to their “logic”, silencing and banning anyone with a different opinion than one’s own is a demonstration of love and tolerance. Makes sense to me.

  • Hard Little Machine

    When did Georgetown’s charter get revised? They used to be ostensibly a Catholic college.